Monday, October 3, 2011

Does It Get Any Better Than This?

Um, no. So you better drink it up, greedily, Cheeseheads.


  1. I seem to remember some douche bag Husker fan calling Wisconsin the 3rd Dakota on here...where is he? hmm oh well...I'll just turn my attention to the WINNING that we are doing and ignore the ignorant.

  2. The old Big 8 used to be a Nebraska/Oklahoma conference before part of the old SWC joined up and destroyed one of the greatest rivalries ever, then it became Texas/Oklahoma, and everyone else. Nebraska is learning quickly that the grass isn't always greener in the Big 10.

    Those douches at K-State are no doubt relieved that they no longer have to be bitch-slapped by the Huskers every year. Now the idiots in Aggieville can thump their purple sweaters and shine their stupid powercat license plates and gaze at their portraits of Bill Snyder...pretending to be proud to be "CatBackers" when lurking underneath the pasty white epidermis is the relieved thought that NEBRASKA is GONE.

    Pussies. Too bad nobody outside the state of Kansas gives a flying fuck about Kansas State. No. Body. Cares.

  3. The Turducken of sports logos.