Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Three Must Watch Videos From Super Bowl Weekend

1. Frank Caliendo's "30 for 30" on Richard Sherman.

An impressionistic tour de force. I think his (heretofore unseen) Ron Jaworski is simply amazing. And I just know Berman did NOT like the fact Frank helped highlight what a cable-access hack he really is as a TV talent. Fox, you screwed up big time, letting Frank walk out the door. Rob Riggle? Really?

2. Marshawn Lynch "All 'Bout dat Action" Video

The soundbite alone, classic. Re-mixed into a rap riff/song, even better. Set to highlights of his best run? Simply brilliant.

3. Peyton Manning "A Little Bit of Pee Came Out"

Okay, so this was my personal creation. A recycled bit of SNL audio, coupled with some choice images from Super Bowl 48. Not bad for a radio guy with a MacBook Pro, eh?

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