Monday, February 3, 2014

Wearing the Dunce Cap

Never again. I shall never again fall swooning for "offense" when it meets great, or even just "good" defense.

Here, let me hammer home the eternal sports truths for several major sports.

NFL: Defense > Offense
MLB: Pitching > Hitting
NBA: Superstar > Balanced Team

Several things from this game, I completely failed to account for, that helped lead to the humiliating (for me) disaster (for the Broncos) that ensued.

1. It Was Loud
As much as Seattle thrives on the 12th man fury at home, Peyton thrives on the library like silence on offense at home. It allows for seamless check-outs, hard counts, and manipulation. When MetLife came alive from the start, it was like a road game for Manning. Trouble. The o-line was nervous against that pass rush, and none of the usual gyrations were worth two shits.

2. The Denver Secondary Was Atrocious
Okay, so Champ Bailey had a helluva a career. He's shot. Letting Baldwin loose like that was pathetic. And Dominique Rodgers Cromartie should retire, as he threatened. When Percy Harvin comes across a second time on a jet-sweep that went for huge yards the first time, you can't let the WR easily seal you off with a block. And don't get me started on Tony Carter. You suck. Like they were going to ignore that PI in the endzone? At the Super Bowl? Good job, good effort.

3. Cliff Avril Dominating
And it wasn't just him up front, I am well aware. But to see Avril lift up RT Orlando Franklin like he put a palette jack underneath him and moved him effortless into Manning's lap, was a singularly incredible athletic feat to see.

All that, plus three ill-timed, and utter disasters: the safety-snap, the balloon pick-six, and the Percy Harvin Immaculate Bounce-Pooch, meant Denver just "got debacled" as Emmitt Smith would say.

A perfect storm, of Seattle dominance. Well done Hawks.

/slow clap


  1. One other point: Denver always looks better than they actually are because half their games are played at altitude. They played lots of hurry up offense this year and in the second half of most games teams would be gassed. I know I live here.

  2. Being too tough on yourself there, Czabe. It wasn't like you were telling people to mortgage the house and put it on Denver. It was your pick, but I don't remember you calling it the "Lock of the Millennium" like a 'Jimmy Masterlock'.

  3. The unstoppable offenses, Packers 15-1 one and done, eventually get stopped cold. Now we hear about the Seahawks being perennial champions...just like so many other recent Super Bowl winners. Every team is a weakness exposed or a pulled hamstring and broken leg from mediocrity. I can't stand bad defense and crowning next champions the day after the Super Bowl.

  4. Seriously, who saw this coming? Up until early in the third quarter I bet most people were thinking that Denver would right the ship and make it a game.
    Who knew it would be loud? The last time Seattle was in a Super Bowl it was wall to wall terrible towels.
    Who knew the Denver defense would miss so many tackles and allow the same end around to work TWICE?
    Who knew the Denver O-line would spend most of the game in Payton’s lap?
    Who knew the Denver special teams would give up a touchdown on a kickoff?
    Who knew Seattle was so much faster than Denver? Speed gaps like that are usually only seen in college ball.

    A case could be made ahead of time that Seattle would win based on historic trends like the record of top defenses in the Super Bowl, but a Seattle beat down across all phases of the game was the least likely scenario. That said, hats off to Seattle. The did all of the above and they have the Lombardi.

  5. Worst superbowl ever. I just coudn't take those PED filled over-celebrating classless team winning it. I so much wanted Manning to win, so he can retire with dignity..

  6. I think we all vastly underrestimated just how good this Seadderall defense was. If I were to tell you Peyton was going up against the '85 Bears would you be confident that he'd prevail? Ah...maybe not. Folks, this Seahawks D--when hitting on all cylinders--was that good.

  7. The game came down to one player. The Denver quarterback was personnally responsible for 3 critical errors in the first half that led to 19 points which effectively ended the game. Forget all the overanalysis of crowd noise, speed, weather, etc. Peyton Manning's failure in those situations was the main reason Denver lost. Take those 3 plays out (the safety and ensuing FG, and the 2 picks) and Denver is in the game I can't believe he is not taking more heat. If any other QB made those same mistakes, they would be labeled the "goat" by the media..

  8. If this were college football, the 49ers and Seahawks would've played again for the title. Reminds me of how everyone wanted the SEC West championship a couple years back.

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