Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where In The World Is Giovanni Carmazzi?

It's not often that television (or any sports media) takes a long hard look backward to examine what the hell went wrong with predictions, or expectations, or the inexact science of evaluating NFL prospects.

Thank god for NFL Films, for doing just that, however on their excellent piece "The Brady 6".

How on earth did Tom Brady slip to #199 in the draft, behind 6 other okay starters, marginal backups, and a few downright chumps?

Well, it's complicated. But also simple. Here, watch this clip....

See, it was draftniks, who didn't like his fucking SPIRAL! Or thought he couldn't evade the rush (how would they know, since he didn't play very much at Michigan?). Notice the emphasis on Brady's lack of PHYSICAL traits, above what should have been a readily apparent intellect for the game, and a work ethic that was plain to see.

Meanwhile, the list of the six QB's taken ahead of him reads like this...

18 - Chad Pennington (NYJ) 102 TDs
65 - Giovanni Carmazzi (SF) 0 TDs
75 - Chris Redman (BAL) 21 TDs
163 - Tee Martin (PIT) 0 TDs
168 - Marc Bulger (NO) 122 TDs
183 - Spergon Wynn (CLE) 1 TD

199 - Tom Brady (NE) 261 TDs..... and counting.

So what's Giovanni Carmazzi doing these days?



  1. Gee thanks for reminding a Brown's fan that we took Spergeon Wynn while Tom Brady was still on the board.

  2. *bangs head*

    49ers took Giovanni Carmazzi over Brady.

    *bangs head again*

  3. Czabe - how many other "Bradys" have there been in the entire history of the NFL? i.e. superstar QB's taken > 5th round? I'm looking at zero. nada. none. the draftniks missed one. that's a pretty low miss rate. he was one in a million that didn't fit the profile...

  4. TomG: Kurt Warner was a superstar QB that wasn't even drafted. Two MVP's, and a Superbowl ring.

  5. It's easy to write a column like this looking in the rear-view mirror. It's easy to point to Brady's greatness after seeing his success. It's another thing to predict it using the limited information available on Brady at the time. I can see giving Czabe some props if he'd written this the day after draft day. But if the Skins had drafted Brady in the first round, I think it's fair to say Czabe would have roasted the Skins' choice.

    I do agree with points Czabe made on the radio--why do GMs put stock in the combine when they have 2-3 years film on the top prospects? I can see how the combine would be a great place to find 5th and 6th round gems, but teams that go all-in due to one great workout (e.g. Jeff George) should have their collective heads examined.

  6. That vid on Carmazzi has to be a joke by ESPN. Either that or Gio was yanking ESPN's chain. Last I heard he lived in the Sierra foothills outside of Sacramento, worked in venture capital of some sort, and still made time each year to travel to Hofstra and speak to student athletes there.

    If he did drop off and become a yoga master with five goats...well, I'm happy for him. And he does have more goats than Brady has rings.

    1. Not any more!!! Brady (the GOAT) has FIVE rings now.....The same amount of goats that Carmazzi has!lol

  7. Carmazzi is not a yogi with a goat farm. He lives in Sacramento and works with a Private Equity firm. He was totally bull******* ESPN.

  8. Calling this a "column" is pretty generous. I just stumbled on this nearly illiterate rant and this guy is either a Brady homer or a Patriots homer - most likely both.