Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Seats That Were Witness To S-U-C-K

Removed FedEx Field seats for sale.

Yes, it's come to this.

A stadium loathed by all, site of exactly ZERO magical Redskins moments (please don't start about the ONE playoff game win vs. the eviscerated Lions in following the 1999 campaign) which is now so bloated and un-sellable they are removing thousands of seats just to avoid blackouts?

Yes. That stadium.

You may now own a cherished piece of it. Just $250 bucks.


On the one hand, in THEORY, there's nothing wrong with this. The seats are available. Some fans have a stupidly nostalgic Billy Crystal-esque fetish for hard, uncomfortable stadium seats in their house/apartment/condo/rec-room.

Anything less than $250 makes them seem like junk (they are). Anything more becomes laughable.

On the other hand, I don't think this juice is worth the squeezing. The Redskins MIGHT sell about 100 of these seats.


So even if you wrap yourself in the flag of "it's for charity", it's still just not worth it. Better for Snyder to say to anybody who actually used to SIT IN THOSE SEATS AT GREAT COSTS, "hey, sorry we had to move you. But if you want, you can come pick up those seats, free of charge. Enjoy."

Then there's this gem of a comment I noticed under the Post story, from somebody with the handle that appears to be Redskins GREAT, linebacker Monte Coleman.

Writes "Monte"....
The FedEx years have generally been so disappointing, some might wonder why you'd want one of it's seats. I think, if used properly, it could smooth over with a familiar feel some of life's most disappointing moments. Meeting with your tax attorney? Settle back into some plastic FedEx comfort. Your wife says "We need to talk". Perfect time for some upper deck luxury. Fearing bad news from your oncologist? Bring along your seat to the appointment. None of these moments will seem as bad when you're nestled into the same seat you were sitting in when the Turk brothers muffed the game winning playoff field goal. These seats have carried Redskins fans through over a decade of disappointments...and they aren;t done yet.

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