Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yep, Same Guy

Every now and then, somebody uncovers a sports truth so powerful and obvious, you say to yourself: "DUH! Why didn't I think of that!?"

Bob Smiley writes a piece on as a special contributor, which nails the Tiger Woods/Anthony Weiner nerd-gone-off-the-rails comparison right down to the "blue curtains of shame."

Rather than letting the world see and embrace the real Eldrick "Tiger" Woods -- the wide-eyed, well-mannered kid with terrible vision and a childhood stutter -- Woods looked to the clich├ęd high school memories of what made someone cool and became just that. He learned how to melt reporters with his glare. He hired a caddie to act as his de facto goon. He worked out until he was built like a defensive end. And in doing so, he put his sinewy golf body at risk while alienating a contingent of fans that loved his golf but hated him. 
At times, this whole Tiger saga has felt like a bad John Hughes film. A nerd wakes up to find out he rules the school, only to collapse under the weight of his own popularity. Yet that's the heart of the issue. As someone who has written about Tiger extensively and watched him for hours on end, I don't think Tiger's destructive behavior is a result of narcissism as much as he's been undone by the unfulfilled fantasies of his 15-year-old self.
Do yourself a favor, and read the whole thing. It's short and to the point, but certainly provocative reading. Left unsaid in the narrative, is how much did the sudden brush with other athletic "cool guys" like Michael Jordan, shape the off-the-course decisions Tiger began to make once his fame, majors, and pile of riches skyrocketed?

My guess: alot.


  1. Brilliant article.

    Kobe fits this to a degree, as well.

  2. Stop the presses!!! Money, fame, and success changes a person?? What the heck...who knew??!

    Wake us up when you can tell us something we all don't already know.

  3. Anthony Weiner has announced his candidacy for President. He has chosen Attorney General Eric Holder as his running mate.

    Weiner - Holder - 2012

  4. This latest episode concerning a tally whacker of a famous person has the entire country snickering like the coaching staff of Angel Beach High School in Porky's as Miss Ballbricker and Mr. Carter discuss "the menace" in the shower...this time Tommy Turner is played by Tony Weiner.

    Plus, Weiner (*snicker-snort-giggle*) could be the younger cousin of Arnold Horshack. He's a spitting image.