Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Declaring War on Your Neighbor

Here's one you won't see for, oh... maybe another 27 years of reading the newspaper: Man Fires Cannon, Hit's Neighbor's House.

Fabulous. I can just see the crazy old dude now: "Aye, matey's! Clear the poop deck and stowe the Hogsheads underneath! Come about... and.... FIRE!"


I can't wait to see that guy try to make a homeowner's insurance claim on that one. "Uh huh. Yes ma'am. Cannon. No. Like, revolutionary war, cannon. I know, ma'am. It's against our HOA covenants. But it wasn't MY cannon. It was my neighbor. No, ma'am. He's not invited to the picnic anymore, thank you for asking."


  1. I hear it was in retaliation to the catapult the neighbor had recently installed on his main turret. They had previously had a dispute over an alleged hot oil vat, but since it was full of confetti at a recent New Year's party, police could only conclude that it was merely decorative.

  2. Hilarious. Gee I wonder how many beers it took to decide to do this?

    And here my old man, is making a cannon. I asked him why, and his only reply was "to make noise".

  3. [bugs bunny voice]

    "Of course you realize, this means war."