Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ma'am, Meet Del Griffith

As you know, the NBA is ready to lock out it's referees because they cannot come to terms (yet) on a CBA.

This is not the end of the world.

Most likely, each side will give a little, and by the time you can say "ABC's Christmas Day Triple-Header!" we'll be seeing Dick Bavetta, Steve Javie, and company back out there making horribly biased big market, star fawning calls.

Yet, the nervous bleating of one NBA referee yenta housewife, has made the blogosphere due to a letter she wrote in "defense" of her hubby and the refs.

Among her gripes.... daddy travels alot.

Well, boo, freaking hoo, sweetheart! Go watch Planes Trains and Automobiles with the late John Candy. The Del Griffiths of the world actually exist. They travel maniacally, selling things as stupid as shower curtain rings.

The movie was fake. The reality of working men who travel is real.

While many men who travel alot, don't LIKE being away from their family, they do so out of love. They are providing. This alone, trumps all the other Oprah-Winfrey-agitated bullshit this yenta trots out with such hysteria.

I don't know how much of a haircut the NBA is fixing to give your man's salary, but I gotta believe you'll still be able to keep the house. Besides, when you say your mortgage doesn't know what "lockout" means, I ask you: do you know what "savings" means?

You can't sustain an even 2-3 month dip in income?

And this salvo takes the prize: "It was not my dream to be an NBA referee. It was not our kid's dream to have a father who is one either. But it is a dream we are fully committed to supporting because it is my husband's dream."

No, no you are NOT supporting it.

You are crying, and bitching, and whining about it. You are likely making things WORSE for your husband, and may get him fired. Good work.

Unless your husband was an accountant with tidy 9-5 hours BEFORE you got married (unlikely) then you know what you were signing up for. Or at least should have.

That said, I bet there are more than a few guys out there who wouldn't mind the gig, with the salary, and the chance to have June, July, August, and September completely OFF to do fun family stuff.


  1. I think using the term "yenta" is being entirely too kind...I was thinking along the lines of four-letter words beginning with the letters "c" or "t."

  2. Czabe, did you even read the letter?!?! I think the point the yenta was making was actually pretty valid: that NBA referees are not your normal, average office worker (as David Stern would like to pay them), nor are they your average Del Griffith selling light fixtures. We all love to rip apart referees - often moreso than the players. Name one other traveling salesman or secretary who gets criticized with slow motion video on national TV, heckled and has beer thrown at them by idiots who have no clue what they are yelling about for 2-3 hours a night.

    The benefits should (and pretty much do) match the work and criticism required. She should probably talk to the millions of other workers who have had to take pay cuts just to keep their jobs before she whines about it being "unfair", but I have to agree that none seem to be comparing apples to apples here.