Thursday, September 17, 2009

No, You Aren't Crazy. It Really Is That Boring...

Lest any Redskin fan wonder if they are somehow missing the "nuance" of Jim Zorn's Redskin offense, this series of pre-snap photos should put that to rest.

No. It's not you.

This series in particular galled me the most last weekend against the Giants. While I understand the perils of being backed up inside your own 5, I also know that many teams love to throw in this spot.

Why? Simple. There's 95 yards of wide-open acreage to cover behind you.

What does Zorn do? Runs Portis three times and punts. And just look at the formations!

(Or should I say "formation." No "s." It's the same freaking one, just flipped on second down to the other side! These are actual NFL "polaroids" somebody found after the game at the Meadowlands in the booth. Fascinating stuff.)

Maybe Zorn just doesn't trust Campbell in this spot. If so, he needs to get a new QB. You can't just be this shrink-dicked timid.

And if this is what we get in a situation like this, then you can imagine how plain the rest of the scheme looks to every defensive coordinator in the league.

What a shock then, that the Skins haven't scored 30 points in a game (even counting DFTD's and STTD's) in a string of 19 games and counting.

Only the Lions have a longer such streak.


  1. At least your team knows that its legal to run the football a few plays a game. I'm not sure McCarthy and Packers know that.

    But yes I feel your pain.

  2. PsychosisPC,
    Are you serious? You'd really rather have Zorn than McCarthy? You must be a Favre fan.

  3. Where the hell did I say that at? Did I say I wanted Zorn, hell no. I said the Packers don't seem to understand what the running game is.

    Farve can go screw-himself in his Purple Devil #4 suit. Viqueens always suck.