Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tebow, T-Boned!

Was it ego? Or simple machismo?

An effort to avenge the spread-covering-failure from the week before against Tennessee?

Or perhaps just a fluke hit.

Why was Tim Tebow – having flown in on a separate airplane due to his illness with several other Gators – allowed to play when the game was clearly in hand at 31-7 deep into the 3rd quarter?

I can't believe Urban Meyer wanted to run up the score, for BCS style points or simple anger.

I can't believe Meyer or Tebow felt like they needed some Heisman Trophy stat stuffing.

I know the argument that you can't play football scared. You can't just quit games because you are leading, and worried about a big injury.

But Tebow is different. Your entire offense revolves around his once-in-a-generation talent package and size. You have no ready-to-go understudy. Tebow is your team. Why take the risk?

Here's a clip of the hit. Please note the announcers saying how Tebow isn't worried about how many times he throws or runs..... just before the dump truck with “WYNDHAM” on the back liscense plate crushes him in the middle of the intersection like a dude running a stoplight.

Looks like Tebow will be ready for the LSU game in a week, which is good. I wish the guy no real malice. But if he plays like crap, or gets knocked out again, you know that Meyer and the Gators will get a whole new truckload of grief.

As one text message put it on my show on Monday:

Hey Czabe....
Tebow and Bradford both suffer major injuries playing for free in college. Mark Sanchez is a millionaire in the NFL. Stay in school kids.

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  1. I don't blame Meyer. Tebow seems indestructible and never gets injured. They have a by-week next week and he was probably concerned that if Tebow sat out the 2nd half, he may be rusty in a couple of weeks.

    Hindsight is always 20/20.