Friday, September 18, 2009

Next Time, Let the Mascot Call The Game

If you ever wondered why flamethrower Jason Whitlock is no longer with the "World Wide Leader" in sports, here's one more reason. When he decides to "de-cleat" somebody in the media, it's like Warren Sapp on Chad Clifton all over again...

Wrote Whitlock on the MNF double-scoop...

Seriously, (Mike) Greenberg's lack of football knowledge was criminal. Mike Golic and Steve Young are taking some heat for their bad performances, particularly not knowing the rules about possessing the ball on a falling catch in the end zone.
I'm going to give Golic and Young an out. Working opposite Greenberg on a football game, no one could sound intelligent.

Look, Mike Tirico is the best play-by-play man working today. Greenberg had to follow the best. He was going to look bad regardless. But I'm not sure Greenberg has ever watched a football game. Clueless. Get him a boob job and a wig and let him fill in for Erin Andrews on her vacation days.


If you went up/down the I-95 corridor to Delaware last weekend to sip from the first little trickle of legal sports betting East of Vegas in decades, you might have been disappointed with the long lines just to get a crummy 5.5-1 on a 3-team parlay. As Kevin O'Neill from points out, industry standard is 6-1 and some books even make money at 6.5-1. Worse yet? Delaware apparently had to ask their daddy in Vegas about some of the wagers!

There was plenty of hope in the morning, when people lined up to place bets. And there were blunders, too. Chad Davis, 34, of Harrisburg, said he had waited more than 45 minutes in line. Delaware Park had four cashiers and two machines, but they were not enough for the final rush before the 1 p.m. kickoffs.

Andrew Gentile, chief operating officer of Delaware Park, said the delays had been caused by a system error that required some of the bets to be transmitted to Las Vegas to be reviewed before being approved.


In case you missed it, this one is an instant, and enduring visual sports classic. BAM! Pwned!


With all the health care reform debate going on, have you ever wondered “what do the doctors think?” Well, Investors Business Daily ran a poll through the medical establishment, and the results are sobering. I would recommend giving it more than just a quick read.


Okay, it's Jimmy Time!

As heard on Bob and Brian in the Morning in Milwaukee on 102.9 The Hog, Jimmy Masterlock touted last week's money LOSING 2-2 record as some how “profitable.” Then he completely mis-stated how “the vig” works. (It's you, LAYING the excess 10 percent, you assclown! Not the casino!)

Undaunted, here are his releases for the week. Play against them if you like!

Florida -29.5 vs. Tennessee: Jimmy: “Lane Kiffin's team is going be more wrecked than Lindsay Lohan on spring break with two duffel bags of cocaine.”

Jacksonville -3 vs. Arizona: Jimmy: “The Cardinals east-of-the-Mississippi is like betting on Amtrak to lose money.”

Washington -9.5 vs. St. Louis: Jimmy: “Skins are in triple-owner-coach revenge mode here.” Then he gave out a totally un-reliable stat. Caution.

New England -3.5 at NY Jets: Jimmy: “Run the opposite way as all the suckers pile into NY.” This line moved 3 points since the Patriots struggled. Big deal. They own Gang Green at the Meadowlands.


New Orleans +0 at Philly: How Jimmy can say this is a “under-dog” pick is beside me, but he says “you'll get the 0 points, if you need 'em.” A true sign of desperation.


Finally, don't forget to get your FREE picks in for the tri-fecta of Czabe Football Fun this week!

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Have fun, waste time, you hate your boss/job anyway, right? Good luck.


  1. Czabe,
    Keep up the good work. Got you on my google reader! I like the longer posts with multiple jabs.

  2. "Greeny" is such a friggin' pansie! I can't believe that people listen to Tool and Tool in the Morning. The worst shtick in radio history.