Monday, May 3, 2010

Carolina On My Mind

Just got back late Sunday night from our fabulous stay at "The National" in the Sandhills area of Southern Pines. (aka: "Pinehurst") If you have never experienced the glory of a springtime day of golf amidst the pines, you just haven't lived.

The consensus of the group was that THIS, was the BEST Malcolm Memorial Tournament ever. The weather was warm and lovely. Nobody was arrested. And best of all, Team Czabe was victorious, with a withering Sunday singles barrage to break at 30-30 tie.

Mucho mucho thanks, to Ken Crow, seen below with his aspiring little Rory McIlroy, Benjamin (10 years old, and already beating Czabe's pants off in a chipping contest!)

Ken is the bossman at "The National" and if you want to book a golf trip of a lifetime with unbelievable stay and play accomodations then just call the club and ask for him by name. Wouldn't hurt to drop The Czabe's name for a special little hookup!

You just can't have a certain weekend in May of 2011, because we already re-book the minute the scorecards are ripped up and thrown away from this year's tournament.

I've got a nice little video to edit in the coming days, but for now, here's a little pictorial recap of the event.

Warmup on the range, always important. And our group gets at least 3.5 minutes before each round. Bums.

Don't tell Jack, but we put the Malcolm trophy next to the championship monument on the way to #1 tee!

Ron Thomas laces a shot into #18 in front of the group on Friday at The National.

Being tournament chairman means taking crap for the rest of the group. Here, Jerry at Talamore gives me a good ol' fashioned North Cackilacki butt-whippin' over our slow play. Sorry, Jer. We'll pick it up!

Catcalls and cockatails on the veranda of Talamore

Grillin' and chillin' outside the "Butler Cabin."

Bill Fix attempts to give the cart girl at Talamore an impromptu golf lesson. Note: It didn't go well.

Ed Barbour finesses a wedge into #17 at Talamore.

Pete Cornellier shows that if you can't play it off the pine straw, you are going to struggle in the Sandhills.

Dave Adams sticks the dagger in with a par on #18.

Bryant Hatcher makes good use of post-match "down time" by checking his "" account. We just called him: "!"

Jimmy Joseph tries to "stay level" no matter how he's playing.

Kurt Knapper hit the Derby for a nice payday. He missed it for an even BIGGER payday! I'll let him tell you all about that!

Michael Kurtz lashes it out of the wispy hair tufts.

Jack Mateosky decides to "Release the Kraken!"

Mike McGowan. Not, "Malcolm McLeod." But close. Sorta.

Bob Miller. Reliable wheel man. Right to left ballstriker!

Ron Thomas grinding, baby, grinding.

Max Watson finds plenty to laugh about.

Czabe humbly accepts the Malcolm Trophy. Hell, he built it, why shouldn't he take it home!


  1. Damn.... I wish there was a way to golf with my favorite sports guy! How's that for a "man crush" ? LOL The invite is Always open here in Montana Czabe! Your friend in MT, Doug

  2. How about a, "United States Open" having 1 player representing each state of the union? Doug can play for Montana and I call Wisconsin. How about it Czabe? You in for D.C?
    Bill H.