Monday, May 3, 2010

Ohhh, That's A Dagger!

So I'm watching "Dancing With The Stars" tonite, and wondering to myself: "Dude, all these chicks (minus Niecy Nash) are smokin' hot. Why don't you just TiVO the episodes, and zip through the crap to get to the booty shakin'?"

Especially since Erin Andrews is bringing her "A" game. And I have no idea how she's actually dancing.

Unlike on ESPN when she has to "dress down" in order to NOT be a sex object - remember, she's a journalist - on DTWS (as the kids like to acronymize) she is whored up to the max.

And by "whore" I don't mean an actual woman who trades sex for money.

I mean a woman who is dressed up very seductively with dark eye liner, bright red lipstick, and tight skimpy outfits that make men want to pay upwards of a thousand dollars to have sex with her, if they could.

Am I making sense here?

Anyway, my point is, Erin Andrews is hot. I like her. I was nowhere near those hotels when that asshole filmed her curling her hair while naked and putting it on the internet.

While I may, or may not, have the entire spliced together footage of said horrible incident on my laptop converted from the somewhat grainy .flv flash files and enhanced into a nice meaty hi-res .avi file, I swear I haven't watched it in days.

Perhaps over a week.

So yeah, I respect her for her journalism skills and now her dancing - in respectable journalism clothing.


Where was I? Oh, yeah. My wife. So the lovely Mrs. C and I are goofing on the show in general, when she blurts out:

HER: "So who is this dude here. Wasn't he on a soap opera?"
ME: "No, he's the professional dancer."
HER: "Oh. Well, this is why this show is dumb. I don't even know who the famous people are supposed to be."
ME: "The girl is Erin Andrews, the ESPN sideline reporter."
WIFE: **blank stare**


One would think that Erin might be happy that not everybody knows who she is, or what happened to her.

But I know people on TV. They HATE IT when people don't know who they are.

Oh well, I'm glad she's having fun. She's super hot. Dances nice. And when I need a football coach to give me a cliche about "halftime adjustments" she'll be standing there holding that microphone, looking very serious and all.


  1. and she is SOOOOO bangin' her dance partner. Lucky dude!

  2. I'm not an expert, but I think that's at least a misdemeanor Man-Law violation to admit that you watch "Dancing with the Stars"...

  3. I don't agree with the previous post. In my book, Real men find looking at Pam, Erin, et al a "must do".

  4. Man I don't get the popularity of this show. I know the women are hot but who wants to watch people dance for an hour? zzzzzzz

  5. DWTS. Would like to see the "booty shakin" but unwilling to sit through all the crap to get to it.
    Yes, DStaples, it is a simple misdemeanor.

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  7. Did you see Erin's sister on Jimmy Kimmel Live? Even better. She puts the FIRE in firebush. Google it baby, you won't be disappointed. Hot muff alert!