Monday, May 24, 2010

This Inspires People

Watching the Rajon Rondo highlight from this weekend, reminded me of a quote from Jerry Maguire.

"That is not what inspires people, Rod. Shut up! Play the game from your heart!"

Oh, what's the Rondo highlight?

If you saw it, you know what I am talking about. If not, let me fill you in.

**Highlight Package Here: Jump to 1:12 for the play**

Rondo and Jason Williams of the Magic were running full bore at a loose ball that was bounding down toward Boston's basket ahead of the pack.

As Williams seemed to have the angle on it, not to mention a step, he bent down to try to scoop it up.

Not so fast, my friend, said Rondo, who DOVE HEAD FIRST for the ball in full flight, used his absurdly go-go-gadget-like long arms to snatch it away from Williams, and not satisfied with that alone, proceeded to get up, take a couple of dribbles, juke Williams, and lay the ball in for two points.



THAT is the kind of stuff that DOES inspire people who love sports. For all of the narcissistic garbage in the NBA, it is great to be reminded that the core of the league remains a bunch of fierce competitors who are spectacular athletes.

You know what else is inspiring? The 16 year old kid who was in contention on Sunday at the Byron Nelson. Hello, Jordan Spieth. Well done, lad!

It's not quite Francis Ouimet all over again, but it is cool to see young phenoms, doing, well, phenomenal things. To think that this kid won his HIGH SCHOOL tournament last week, and then was actually IN CONTENTION to win this week on the big boy tour, is incredible.

He might be another Ty Tryon, I know. But it's awfully fun to watch.

Tiger, do you see this? They are coming for you, my friend. In bunches. They are young, they are fearless, and they want what you had. Manaserro, Ishikawa, McIlroy.

Here.... they.... come.


  1. you can't write an article without taking a dig at Tiger can you ? It is getting old Czabe. I know you hate the guy because he had all the fun you didnt. I mean come on. How hypocratic can you be? Did you take a look at your own website? you have all those girls showing their stuff and i am to take you as a chaste individual? it dosent matter if you screw with your mind or your body. Its all the same. Only difference is Tiger had the name and the talent to do it.

  2. Yeah, how "hypocratic."
    If "it doesn't matter if you screw with your mind or your body", guess what I just did to your mom in my mind.

  3. There you go! one more pervert who thinks on the right..

  4. Eff you srini.....Czabe rules. Tiger was banging all kinds of chicks....Czabe, as any red-blooded AMERICAN man will do, likes to take a peek at the menu every so often. But, you don't like it, don't effing read the page bro. We are reading because we like Czabe's thoughts, comments, opinions, etc. Go read Keith Olbermann if you want another douchebag.

  5. ...Im very late to this conversation, however I have to put my two cents in....Srini, there is a huge difference between in your mind or in your body...what is in your mind is the temptation. Deciding to act upon that temptation is the difference and where the body comes into play. This is where Tiger crossed the line...repeatedly. Most men, myself included have seen a woman and said" oh man I would love to", but dont move beyond that point and persue that woman. Now true, the difference between most men and Tiger is huge. He could bag more women in a day than I could in a lifetime, just because he is Tiger, however it sounds like he went after every piece o ass he desired. He didn't stop to consider the vows he took with his wife. That is where the line was crossed. Its OK to be tempted in life, however true strength and integrity is not acting on those temptations. Tiger is a bum in the self control department. Thats just the way it is, and because he tried to project himself as a stoic, fully self controlled pillar of integrity prior to this past Thanksgiving, he deserves all the scorn he gets.