Thursday, July 21, 2011

Abby Wombach Night, Not Featuring, Abby Wombach

So after taking her media "victory lap" with her teammates - minus, the um, victory part - golden girl and MegaHeader Abby Wombach returned to her $20,000 a year part-time pro job playing women's soccer for her team named after an "As-Seen-On-TV" gimmick product.

And she was too "tired" to play.

Perfect. It's like the Onion is writing this stuff for me.

So you've got all these yenta-journalists like Christine Brennan and Sally Jenkins browbeating us heathens to actually watch more women's soccer outside of just the World Cup, you have a packed crowd of 15,000 people in Wambach's hometown to see her play, and she's too tired to jog around for at least one HALF of action?

Derek Jeter, you sir, are off the hook. You ain't got nothing on this gal.


As a last add, I was amused to see Hope Solo rattle off what sure sounded like a politico's list of "talking points" in an interview with ESPN's Sarah Walsh. Sure we didn't win, but boy wasn't that comeback against Brazil great? And the ever laughable "winning silver isn't failure."

Yeah, well if you had said going into the tournament: "I dunno, gold, silver, whatever. We're not picky" then I could excuse it after the fact. This sounds alot like the Miami Heat claiming they had a "successful" season, when you consider everything, minus the ghastly choke, up 2-1 in the Finals.

We are becoming a sporting universe where you hold your championship parades before a single ball is bounced, and you do media/celebrity circuit appearances win, lose, or draw.

While I agree that the biggest "thing" in sports is indeed, HOW you play the game (i.e. win with class, lose with class) it seems like somebody has to constantly remind athletes that the POINT of whatever game you play, is to WIN.


And while you can lose the game and still be classy, you can't just gloss over the losing part like it was somehow irrelevant or doesn't bother you.

I mean, you CAN do that, but not everybody is going to let you get away with it.


Okay, last, last, last add on women's soccer for the next four years, I swear!

Everybody has their "favorite" on this team. For some, it's the model-esque Heather Mitts (can't play a lick). For me, it's Hope Solo. For Scott Linn it's Alex Morgan.

But maybe the biggest "sleeper" in terms of looks is the dynamic Ali Krieger.

Yes, sir.


  1. Czabe. Been a loyal fan since you 1st went national... Hope 'Man Hands' Solo!? Come on, Steve:

    You're still the man. Abby Wambach is gross. Anyway, we have good 'ol snickerdoodle college pigskin cheer babes soon.

    Alex Morgan = 'magicJack'

  2. Second place is first loser. Mr. Rome, is right. Nobody loses in soccer. And Hope (a bit of a snicky) is proof she drank the KoolAid.