Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Ohio State Tattoo Parlor, Meet Alabama's Suit Parlor"

Well, well... well.

This is going to be interesting.

Here we have one of the Mount Rushmore-caliber college football programs in the country, with a stuff-for-autographs scandal brewing that appears to be a carbon copy of the dynamics that brought down Jim Tressel at Ohio State.

Mind you, Nick Saban has yet to blatantly lie to the NCAA about this - yet - but who knows where it's headed.

We pick up the excellent legwork on the ground from Outkick The

As the T-Town Menswear story continues to grow, one of the most interesting aspects of the story has been the degree to which a middle-aged suit store owner ingratiated himself with the Alabama football program. As you've seen from our previous story hundreds of Alabama players have been pictured hanging out at his store. 
Including Julio Jones at the above picture, trying on a suit coat inside the store.
Why are so many players hanging out here? 
How many mall stores did you regularly hang out at while you were in college? 
The only real reason why so many Alabama players would be hanging out at this store is simple -- because they were getting hooked up in some way. Ohio State's tattoo parlor meet Alabama's suit parlor.
The basics are as follows.

Mall store owner has easily 100 or so Alabama players he is "friends" with. They sign stuff for him. He sells that signed stuff.

And we're supposed to believe that the players will do this for anybody - like say, the Dairy Queen down the road, not at the mall, and not with access to $1000 plus tailored suits.

Uh, sure.

Julio Jones - who proudly recounted how his single mother worked to raise him by working at fast food chicken joints - apparently wore up to 16 different suits while playing for Alabama and walking in from the team bus.

At 6-4, 220, he's not borrowing them, either.

The store manager won't talk.
The owner of the memorabilia company won't talk.
Alabama says there are no violations.

And yet, they are voluntarily "disassociating" with the guy for 3 years.

Hmm. Doesn't ESPN have a 15 year, $2 BILLION deal with that same conference.

Why, yes. Yes they do. Wonder if this story gets equal scrutiny as Ohio State.

Ahhh. Sure it will. Of course. Right?


  1. Let's is ice blue...the sun is the brightest object in the Solar System...water runs downhill...and corruption is apparent in college athletics.

    In plain shit.

  2. It's really not surprising when programs like USC, Ohio State, Nike U, Auburn and Alabama get caught in "situations" with Reggie Bush and Cam Newton and players trading autographs/ memorabilia for stuff, or funneling money to players through phony scouts. That's like finding out a rock star dialed up 20 hookers for a big party. Part of the cost of doing business.

    When a North Carolina or a Georgia Tech does it, that's just embarassing, like Hugh Grant picking up a tranny on the street.

  3. I really dont care about the story at all. That being said, it make sense that the 2nd offense would be less of a story than the 1st, considering people's exasperation with these issues. t Not the mention the fact that the NFL is in the most exciting offseason activity period ever right now, so this aint exactly rocket science as to why we're not hearing as much about it.

    but czabe never misses a chance to aim the water pistol at the 4 letter

  4. I love how the article makes all these assumptions

    " They sign stuff for him. He sells that signed stuff."

    1. signing memorabilia is not an NCAA violation, and yes, if you go to T-Town or any college city they have signed stuff from current players in many stores.

    2. He didnt sell any of it.

    3.unlike OSU's tattos, players wearing suits to home games is actually mandatory and something that most schools require.

    4. the pictures in that article are over a 3 year time span and in other pictures from his facebook, you can clearly see other players in other weeks wearing Julio Jones's suits,so its obvious that they are team mates wearing each others clothing, I idk why the other of this article says he isnt borrowing thing them just because of his height when it is clear he is.

    that being said, this is more akin to OSU's car dealership than the tattoo parlor.

  5. ohio state, for whatever reason, is hated more than these other schools. like bonds was more hated than mac or sosa. if people dislike you they are more excited to catch you doing something wrong. alabama, usc, oregon, auburn, nc... those stories weren't hit half as hard as the osu story. fact!

  6. Where there is smoke there is fire. It is funny all you see is OSU crap all over espn but did you see much about OU, UNC, GT, BSU, Now this shit at Alabama. TO say they are not getting "benefits" is like saying OSU players weren't getting benefits at the tat parlor. ITs Laughable. I don't know about you but I didn't have money to buy suits in college that were probably over $500, And I had parents who made decent money, not a single mom working fast food. TO say players traded suits is also funny. Taylor made suits do not fit just anybody, especially 6'4 guys. Give me a break. I wish the media would just be fair in its reporting, but seeing the $$$$ connection with the SEC I am guessing thats why they have not gone into this with more detail like they have done and are still doing with OSU.

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