Monday, July 25, 2011

If They Are Happy, Then I Am Happy....

.... with the lockout settlement.

I mean, I don't get it. But hey, it's their league. Their money. Their brains.

Not mine.

I stand by my lengthy, and well argued post from the weekend.

But that's over.

Let it rot on the digital scrapheap of the interwebs and the graveyard of cached pages on Google's search servers.

If I were the players...

I would have pushed for nothing less than the former revenue split of 53-47 in our favor.
I would have absolutely insisted on getting rid of franchise and transition "tags."
I would have certainly said: "A five year deal is enough. Let's see how it goes."

Given how panicked the league is to get in Week 1 of the pre-season, it would seem the players had excruciating leverage over the owners. What would a lockout that dragged into October have done?

We'll never know.

That said, happy, happy, happy.

Perhaps the best analogy is from the Sopranos. Episode 69: "The Fleshy Part of The Thigh."

Back home, Phil comes to Tony with Johnny Sack's final offer: T keeps his paycheck and W-2 for 10 years and 12 percent of the sale price – but no skim. Tony agrees. “Truth be told, there's enough garbage for everybody.”

Amen. Let the garbage trucks roll!


  1. Czabe: Who is asleep at the wheel? Your "snickie" and "poll" pages haven't been updated in days!!!! Sure, I like your witty columns, but nothing beats a good-lookin' babe, Czabe.

    C'mon.......we need new talent online.


  2. We have a mere novice for a Prez, hell is breaking loose all over the spanned globe, and another pop star expires at 27...

    ...I don't care...

    Lord Football is to see if KC can win a fucking playoff game this time, let alone make it.

  3. I am not a Bengals fan and don't care either way what they do. I do admit to liking their uniforms. But what a douchebag Mike Brown is. Not trading Carson Palmer will make it that much more difficult for the team to make any headway. I feel bad for Bengals fans, but it will be fun to watch them suck and root against him.

  4. I don't care if I have to huddle around a trash can fire, as long as it has Sunday Ticket. Go 4and9ers

  5. I've always said, if the Democrats and Republicans ever agree on something we, the people, are surely screwed. Witness NAFTA.

    So when every owner agrees on something, and they can't agree on what day comes after Monday, the league is screwed. Sure 'nuff... the players took the bait.

    The owners were so giddy over how they screwed the players that they couldn't contain themselves and held a preemptive press conference last Thursday.

    The owners cleaned the players' clocks.

    They grabbed the money in the middle of the table and they had the losing hand.

    What did the players get in exchange? Fewer workouts? Really?

    The players are fools but if they think it's a good deal then it's a good deal. Just don't check ebay after you bought the Bose surround sound speaker system at list price. It'll make you sick.