Sunday, July 10, 2011

Over-rated, My Ass...

Get ready for this one on Monday from certain bloviating sports radio hosts.

"Derek Jeter is over-rated."


"Derek Jeter is the MOST OVER-RATED shortstop in history!"

The host will yell, the host will pull out stats, the host will cut-off dissenting opinions.

The host will turn off the mic, and pat himself on the back for stirring things up, and not just following the crowd.

The host will be an idiot.

Derek Jeter might be slightly over-HYPED, sure. He plays for the f'ing Yankees. The east coast media bias is real, and I get it.

But over-RATED?

Get out of here.

The guy has played shortstop for 17 straight years - un-interrupted! - for a team that can purchase any player they want. He did so in the biggest media market in the country. He did it with not one, but two back-page tabloids just waiting to tear him apart, drag him down, or hound his ass out of town.

You know the phrase: "He must be doing something right..."?

Furthermore, the guy deserves All-Universe status for having the brains to not put a big fat ring on some bimbo who would have schemed to take half his money already.

Here's Jeter's career dating list: and these are just the FAMOUS hot pieces of ass we KNOW about, not the many others we don't know, and will never know.

Mariah Carey
Lara Dutta (Miss Universe from India)
Jordana Brewster
Adriana Lima
Vanessa Minillo
Jessica Alba
Vida Guerra (FHM/Playboy model)
Jessica Biel
Minka Kelly

The guy has zero arrests, zero DUI's, zero gun incidents, zero moments where you just rolled your eyes at something he said and thought: "Oh god, just shut the fuck UP already, Derek!"

No mention of him in the Mitchell Report, no obscure spikes in his numbers to hint at something.

None of that.

Perfect. Clean. Untouched.


Don't hate the dude for that.

The biggest testament to Jeter is not the 3,000 plus hits, not the 5 championships, and not the amazing trail of supermodel ass that has been through his bedroom.

The biggest testament to Jeter is that he absorbed having to accomodate, and play next to his exact opposite - Alex Rodriquez - while not once coming across as petty or classless.

In other words: there ain't no painting of himself as a centaur above his pillow.

Big ups, #2. You are a stud.

If I live long enough to see somebody else lay waste to a milestone day with a 5 for 5, bomb-launching, game-winning-hit lacing performance, then I'm pretty sure I'll be well over a hundred.


  1. {while ignoring the writer's true feelings about baseball} nice job, forgot to mention that he's from kalamazoo, MICHIGAN...the same high school which produced greg jennings & jerome harrison...we produce athletes on this side of the lake...we're not the 3rd dakota

  2. Right on Czabe - perfectly stated.

  3. BTW the idiot sports talk radio host is Mad Dog Russo. He has embarrassed himself all season rooting against Jeter to get the hit on the road, laughing over the potential for Jeter getting his 3000th hit on the road in Cleveland, saying Jeter is overrated, downplaying just about every Jeter accomplishment. I stopped listening to him weeks ago because enough is enough.

    Also, MadDog Radio on XM/Sirius is possibly the worst station in the history of radio. I'd rather listen to Oprah's station than the "line-up" on MadDog Radio.

    I am not a Yankee fan, not a Yankee hater, but just a sports fan. How can you root against a guy like Jeter?