Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hip-Hip Hooray, For Useless Idiots

This one nails it out of the (Zuccoti) park....

They’re used to ranting vaguely about “the system” and “the man,” but now people want more specifics, and it confuses them. 
They thought complaining about the “greed” of “Wall Street bankers” was more specific than they usually are. Maybe that doesn’t really sync with their desire for student-loan forgiveness (as loaning $100,000 to people allergic to work isn’t so much “greed” as plain stupidity), but no one seemed to care about coherency before. 
That’s why they get so indignant when people ask what their demands are -- figuring out what they want is other people’s job; they always just made noise. A hippie protesting is like a baby crying: It doesn’t know what needs to be done -- or often even exactly what the problem is -- it just knows something is wrong, so it makes noise until an adult comes and fixes things. But when people already know something is wrong and are trying to fix things, the baby crying is nothing more than headache-inducing. 
That’s the dilemma for hippies. They have no place when people must deal with real problems. You don’t see hippies in war-torn Third World countries; useless idiots are a luxury.
As Michael Scott would say: "Boom. Roasted."


  1. These comfy liberals have fantasized about the romantic vision of civil disobedience since they read about it a few times in high school. Plopping down in the street and having that feeling that they have a 'right' to be there covers them like a warm blanket. They wouldn't dare help at a soup kitchen or build homes in Botswana... but they'll gleefully march down streets with Starbucks and Mickey D's.

  2. Czabe, did you lose any equity in your home(s) after the financial crash in 2008? That was retorical as the answer is yes, we all did. That's why they are protesting. If the name 'ocupy wall street' didn't spell it out, this started as a revolt against those who continue to profit, or be bailed out when they don't, while everyone else has to suck it up. Just like the tea-party protests had a slew of racists and hill-billies who just hate the government, this protest will have its share of idiots. But the anger is the same and the core message still stands.

  3. We've been roasted & screwed by Wall Street (but no one knows, because Celebrity News is more important) and it's good that imperfect people are protesting imperfectly. Love your sports, Czabe, but curb your dogma.

  4. Why not go after the politicians that profit from what goes on on "Wall Street"?

    Even the most rabidly leftist Communist Dems make a killing. But these are Communists protesting...go figure. I smell some good old Community Organizing going on here...

    I'd have more respect for these unfocused and groping Protestors if they all flew to Uganda and fought in the war. Do something for someone for a change, you selfish little children!

  5. You may not agree with their message or ideology but I can not see how anyone does not empathize with their anger. The country is broken. I do not agree with their positions but this country was founded on an uprising against a government....it is in our blood.

  6. Czabe,

    Unlike your some of my fellow commenters, I agree whole heartily with your assessment of the Occupy demonstrations. The people protesting do not have a purpose other than wanting to protest. I have seen 20-30 various reasons why people are protesting. Some of these demands just don't make sense. Free college for everybody, $20 minimum wage, jobs for everyone, and the ability to crap Tiffany cuff links... We currently live in a culture of opulence and materialism that has corrupted a generation. We did not live through a depression, World Wars, or hard lives on farms or in factories (some still do). As a 30 year old, my parents are going to be more well off, successful, and richer than I may ever be. The wealth has been built up and we have not been able deal with fact that not all of us will achieve at the level our parents have. The preceding generation has given such a great life to their children that the children expect the same and more. Now this is a sweeping generalization but these protests and some of their outrageous demands show the mentality of a culture who expects the government to take care of them in every aspect of life. The Entitlement culture is pervasive and has the ability to destroy our finical stability.

    The occupy protests will fade as they are not truly unified. Being "against the government" is great and all but to build any kind of movement that will accomplish anything their needs to a common goal with achievable objectives. Do people really want an uprising against our government? To what end? A communist utopia works on paper, but the undoing of that utopia is our human nature to achieve and better ourselves, granted with a little greed thrown in there.

    Czabe, don't be afraid to voice your opinions about the world at large, just because your focus on sports does not mean your input of society is worthless. The protesters need to be called out for what they are. Shiftless lay abouts who want the goverment to take care of them. We need some real starvation, struggle, and pain for people to appreciate the opportunity and great life that is possible here in America.

  7. I for one, vehemently opposed the Bush bailouts at the end of his term. This is because I am a CONSERVATIVE, not a Republican. The Wall Street/bank bailouts WERE a scam, but the protests should be in DC, not NY. Wall Street didn't STEAL the money. Washington GAVE it to them! That said, this group of utter vapid rabble doesn't know their ass from a free lunch, so whatever they say means nothing to me.

  8. So I'm watching the protests on the news, and a couple of things strike me. First, while the people at the protests are potesting, they are tweeting and posting to Facebook (both corporations) on their Blackberries and i-Phones (both made by corporations) while wearing their Old Navy, Starter and other assorted brand name apparel (all corporations) while drinking Starbucks and eating McDonalds (both corporations). Boy, for people who oppose corporate greed so bad, they are REALLY supporting it. Secondly, I fail to see how the big evil Wall Street is responsible for all their problems, but yet the White House gets off scott free? Like it or not, Wall Street is bound to follow laws and regulations laid out by the Federal Government. Now, one could make an argument that Wall Street heavily influences financial laws through "campaign donations" (read: Bribes), but the laws still come from the government. But, god forbid we blame an extremely left leaning President for the worlds problems. Bush is no longer in office, and the whole "blame Bush" argument is getting long in the tooth, so if we can't blame the old guy any more, and we surely can't blame the new guy, we have to find the next "looks good on paper" evil villain to protest.
    Face it people, blaming Wall Street for your property values going down is like blaming Ronald McDonald for you getting a bad cheeseburger - Neither one of them run the place.

  9. I love this idiot OpenTrader. Did you lose any equity in your house? I'll give you my answer. I bought in 1999. I did lose some equity, but I'm not even close to underwater because I went into a standard 30 year mortgage (which I was able to refi to a 15 yr at 3.3% this year, bitchez!). I'll have it paid off in 7. But more importantly, ya gotta love the fool's idea that buying a house means you automatically are insured from the possibility of losing money. You want to understand the mentality of most of these knobs? This guy is your answer. OpenTrader just wants to know where his bailout is. And this is why it was wrong to bail out the banks, as it blew away the notion of moral hazard. Some of the OWS people actually have that piece correct. It doesn't make OpenTrader any less of a moron.....

  10. Speaking of useless...where's the fucking iTunes podcast of your show lately?

  11. We should, like, do away with banks and rich people man. Power to the people bro! Power to the people!


  12. @Danny ruined the Skins...You're right, the country was founded on uprising against the GOVERNMENT; not corporations, banks, or rich people. So, march on Washington and occupy that cesspool.

  13. Hey Czabe, here is another idiot mindlessly railing against Wall Street:


    Boom. Roasted.