Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jimmy's Long Lost Mentor

If you ever wondered where the inspiration came from, well then, wonder no more....


  1. Mr Masterlock needs some radio time on the early morning show! "LOCK OF THE MILLENNIUM"

  2. More dirt on this unhinged fruit cake:

    "Stu Feiner who is going by Steve Timmons is a total smart ass who picks 70% losers on a consitant basis. He will email you and text you until you respond. He will then throw you a bone hoping to real you in. If you are unfortunate to get realed in he wants hundreds of dollars up front to give you over 70% wins. He then trys to get you to load up on every possible side of the bet to hopefully get you to win so he can collect more money by dragging you in further! The problem is he loses 70% of his plays not only costing you the upfront fees but the losses you take on his piss poor picks! Then he calls you the next day like nothing has happened and tells you to jump on his next pick and not only are you going to make your losses back but you are going to get ahead! You guessed it right. Another losing pick and deeper in debt! Then he has the nurve to be a smart ass jerk over the phone and hangs up on you! So what ever reputation Stu Feiner claims to have at picking winners, take it from an unfortunate customer that this guy is full of shit! This guy is a total fraud! "

  3. Hey guys, here'a an excellent article about these sports betting scumbags:

    Hard to believe that Rick Reilly used to be a competent sportswriter.


  4. That's some funny stuff right there.