Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Web Videos Are Capable of Fooling Many, Many, People

Okay, please stop sending me this clip, people.

I mean, really. Obviously FAKED sports tricks, are great fun, if like, I dunno, you just got on the internet for the first time in your life, um, YESTERDAY!

Unlike video montages of drunken college kids in their dorm, chipping golf balls off of every piece of furniture and into a shotglass of beer, at least those kids filmed about 1000 failed attempts before getting the real trick on tape.

Or same thing for guys shooting basketballs off of towers into a tiny hoop hundreds of feet below. Enough takes, and a snip-snip editing job, and wow, YouTube sensation!

Think about this, dummies. How does a ball bouncing off of FOUR pitchbacks, MAINTAIN its relative velocity all the way back to the plate? Did you people really flunk physics in high school?

Or how about the realistic chances you could even THROW a baseball at just the precise angle that many times in a row, much less HIT one with a round bat?


But the link keeps washing up in my inbox, with titles like "Amazing! Watch this, Czabe!"

No. I'm not going to watch it. You need to stop being such a sucker.

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