Sunday, October 2, 2011

It Comes WIth A Hat

I'm a little late on this, but the point is truly timeless.

Remember 9/11 weekend, and various teams/coaches/players wanting to wear something special to commemorate/honor/remember the victims/heroes/responders to that horrible day?

Well, sports were all over the place on that one.

The NFL had handpicked games in cities like NY and Washington, they had various tributes, they even relented on letting players wear special red-white-and-blue gloves and shoes.

Okay, fine.

But when MLB players wanted to do some customization on the headwear and such, the league said, um, no.

And some people, went predictably batty with indignance. How DARE they!

It was a stupid argument. Because MLB saying no to letting the Mets wear FDNY hats during a game didn't mean anything. It is why there's a term called a "shirtsleeve sentiment."

Ohhh. You wore a HAT! Oh, you care MORE than the other guy who didn't wear a hat/ribbon/patch.

Get outta here.

It's like the Capital One commercial with Alec Baldwin, when he tells a new enrollee "Did you know it comes with a private island?"

"It does?"

"No, it comes with a HAT."

Same thing.

"It means I care."

No, it means you are wearing a hat.


  1. Its like when Kramer wouldn't wear the ribbon. How dare Kramer not wear the ribbon!!!

  2. Relax MikeM3425, don't get so high because he did not wear the ribbon.

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