Friday, December 30, 2011

Craction Pool Week 17 - FINALE!

Hope everyone had a cracker jack Christmas! You heard about mine, so let's move on! This week, we have our season finale of full field so make sure to splash around in the pool and have some fun. The season is too damn short, ain't it?

Once again this week, the winner will have his choice of the following...

a. Donkeybobble
b. Donk Sweatshirt
c. Personal kick in the shins!

Choose wisely, oh winner! And good luck!

All you gotta do, is dial in the PERFECT 5-way combination!

Sign up HERE, for free, and enjoy the game!

Week 1: Shawn Brandt
Week 2: Larry Haslee/Ronnie Windsor
Week 3: Eric Hucke
Week 4: John Merrill
Week 5: John Sample
Week 6: Nate Faust
Week 7: John Heibel
Week 8: Karin McAnaney
Week 9: John Goodall
Week 10: Jim Hardy
Week 11: Andy Korinko
Week 12: Ken Jenson
Week 13: Aaron Henderson
Week 14: Ken Gaines
Week 15: Mark Freeman
Week 16:
Week 17:

Jimmy Masterlock's took the week off, satisfied with his stellar 2011 season total of 38-24-3! He's going to rest up, and be ready to KILL the playoffs! So you guys are ON YOUR OWN for this week's craction prize!

Good luck, and Happy New Year!

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