Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wayne Gretzky Needs to Mind His Own Damn Business!

Because he's apparently shut down 22 year old daughter Paulina Gretzky's Twitter feed.

Die, #99. Die.

This is a GROWN WOMAN, and she's clearly, very "adept" at using social media. Unlike some dot-com whores who just lift their mud-flaps to show off their coolies, Paulina has a real eye for artistic poses and techniques.

She's 22, Wayne. For cripes sake! Twenty-two!


Lucky for us, "the internet never forgets, and it's always open."


  1. If she is still suckling on Daddy's Bank Account. she is not really grown.

  2. HA! And they call HIM "The Great One"??

    I think he has been replaced!

    ha ha ha

  3. I don't care how old, if it was my daughter and she was living within my budget I am shutting down that crap as well. I hope that you would have taught your daughters to have more self respect than this, otherwise enjoy being a grandfather when you kids are young.

  4. "Check out the fun bags on that hose hound"
    "I'd like to eat her liver with some fava beans and a bottle of chianti "