Monday, December 12, 2011

The Suck for Luck Chart

UPDATED as of Tuesday 12/13/11.

See this link at for a better, detailed breakdown of how ties are broken at the standings, or "top" of the draft order.


  1. I see one error, you didn't claim Beck as an asset QB for your Redskins. I mean if Shanny is going to stake his reputation on it, then so should the rest of us.

  2. As a Browns fan, I am well aware of the fact that SOS trumps head to head. Being in the same neighborhood as the Ravens and Steelers has cost us before and will cost us this year ... again.

  3. Well, the 'red' font has drug a Catch 22 into the picture. You state "surely in the market for a QB". Are you suggesting that the Colts need a QB for next year or the next two or three years? Must have, no question, unconditionally, have to have a QB? The other four teams in red DO fall into that must-have mentality. Furthermore, any team would love a solid starter-say Eagles with Vick-and then have a potentially great QB learning in the wings. In fact, I would submit almost no fan wants their new perfect QB, like Luck or Barkley, to be thrown to the wolves and start next season on opening day. Rookie QBs usually get mauled and have losing records for the season.

    Vick, Fitzpatrick, Rivers, Kolb... sure, big paychecks, but come on, none of those teams that they play for are play-off locks. Those aforementioned QBs have hurting reps right now.

    Lastly, you put a period at the end of bullet three, but didn't in the previous two. I must dock you one point. Good paper overall. Solid holiday fun!

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  5. Good chart combo-ing current QB status with draft location. Only change I'd make is using this years SOS since it can make a huge difference (My panthers go from 9th to 4th). I have been going to, which uses SOS of games played to date (you could probably also find somewhere SOS of all games).