Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kim Jong Il: The Gift That Keeps Giving

Nothing like the death of a repressive, maniacal, and dysfunctional world menace, to provide days and weeks of pure comedy via the good ol' interwebs.

First, you gotta read about  successor Kim Jong Un and his earnest dream of becoming an NBA player, in the mold of his idol, Mike Jordan.
He also shares his dad's enthusiasm for sports. Kim Jong Il was an NBA fanatic, with a special love for the Jordan-era Bulls. He reportedly had a vast video library of Jordan games and, during a visit to Pyongyang in the late '90s, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright brought Kim an official NBA ball signed by Jordan. (There's a Facebook group dedicated to getting it back.) His hoop dreams even extended to making basketball a kind of adopted national pastime; a 2006 San Diego Union-Tribune story details a full-scale appropriation that includes giving the game a new scoring system: "three points for a dunk, four points for a three-pointer that does not touch the rim and eight points for a basket scored in the final three seconds. Miss a free throw, and it's minus one." The Kim Jong Il NBA connection has not gone un-Tweeted upon: "Breaking news: David Stern blocks Kim Jong IL's son as successor. For basketball reasons."
Then, you need to visit this website, dedicated to nothing but the "Dear Leader" um, looking at things.

Then, you need to take 4 minutes of your precious time, and rock out to Party Rock Anthem, ft. Kim Jong Il.

Then, we can all pray that the new kid doesn't push his pudgy little finger on the nuke button, and start WWIII!

Merry Christmas!


  1. See the movie Team America World Police again or for the first time. Nice send-off for the Deal Leader and "puppet-sex" to boot from the South Park guys

  2. Don't worry. Kim Jon-Un also likes looking at things.

  3. Czabe - you are missing the EPIC RAP BATTLES of history version of Kim Jon iL. If you have never seen ERB them - so funny - check out Abe Lincoln vs. Chuck Norris and Einsten vs. Hawking. Hilarious

    Hulk Hogan/Macho Man vs. Kin Jong iL

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