Wednesday, August 1, 2012

From "Change" to Just "Lend Me Some Spare Change"

Bwahahahahahahahaaaaaa.... BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!



Talk about inspiring! And PRESIDENTIAL! Nothing like a YouTube video of our sitting president, throwing some of his own money at his own re-election campaign via his laptop, practically BEGGING you lemmings to do the same.

So pony up, Hopenchangers! Your fearless leader needs your money. Do it yourself, before he finds a way to just take it.




  1. I'm sure his supporters in Redland,WA are just thrilled that he is using an Apple mouse and Mac Book Pro to make his "donation".

  2. OMG! How humiliating! Oh, and nice jab at Republicans and size of the checks that roll in. I guess the checks from George Clooney's Hollywood $15M fundraiser, the SEIU or the UAW (and George Soros funded Super PAC's) checks don't count, etc all. If his policies were so wonderful at producing wealth and economic prosperity, why is he begging for $3 donations? And why isn't Cuba a rich Country or Venezula or N. Korea any other despot 3-world hell hole? Hmmm...mindless pinheads, you go ahead and keep waiting for that Change.

  3. Czabe. Stick to sports..leave politics alone. Your side has enough money coming in from many special interest groups.

    While I may not like some financial choices the left makes, its better for me than voting for a much of crazy religious idiots that don't believe in education, science, women rights, gay rights, seperating church/state, etc..

    1. c27, you chastise Czabe and then proceed to engage in the same behavior. You need to take your own advice.

  4. “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money. ” Margaret Thatcher

    We ran out and we're borrowing from China to make the payment.

  5. Obama sucks. But then again so does Mitt Romney.

  6. I love that in 2008 all you saw on liberal media was how Obama was racking it in FAR more than McCain. Now that Romney is smoking Obama in every way money wise, Romney is greedy and the GOP are money grubbers. Romney is crushing Obumma and you can't handle the loss! :)

    SUCK IT LIBS! You have 100 more days left until your sad Carter-esque liberal b.s. is flushed forever!!!

  7. I'd rather the politician beg the public for money to get elected rather than a few rich people pooling up to buy the election via SUPERPACS. At least the guy begging me for my money will have to have a message to convince me to donate to his/her campaign.

    I am no big fan of Obama. But what exactly is the alternate?

    This is what the republican party is..

    1. Pandering religion to invoke passions. (Ex: O'Reilly's war on christmas)

    2. Texas just passed a law banning critical thinking in classrooms. Way to go. And here we have czabe talking about the future High vision televisions shownd at the olympics. No critical thinking = No HD czabe. remember that the next time you want to promote the party you belong to and no IPAD as well. i know you like yours a lot.

    3. Health care. Are you sure it is that bad? the only reason we are against it so much is because it is brought by Obama. If Romney was the president and he brought the exact same thing at the national level, the republicans will call it revolutionary.

    4. What is this fascination with guns? we are not exactly living in the wild west you know? you want to protect yourself, carry a revolver and openly. I dont care. You don't need an AK47. You know what i call that. Common sense. the suck up to the NRA is unbelievable.

    I can't articulate well enough in english or i could have had a lot more to say.

    Your sports stuff is pretty good. I listen to it religiously morning and evening. But i cannot agree with your politics because lets face it, from your views on radio, you cannot seriously like your party, because they are against everyting you like especially critical thinking

    1. Right, because the left doesn't have any rich sponsors, cutting huge checks to left leaning Superpacs. Get off your soapbox, and face reality. George Soros has dumped a hell of a lot more money into the Democratic party than the Koch brothers have, but all you hear about is the Koch brothers. Unions dump BILLIONS into democratic re-election campaigns every year, but somehow that doesn't count, right?

      Lets go through your bullet points -

      1) Because the left doesn't pander to the poor for votes? Maddow and Mathews are not cheerleaders for the left?

      2)Banning Critical thinking in classrooms. First off, name me the bill that "bans critical thinking", because Google can't find it. Second, banning critical thinking seems more like a dem thing, they'd loose to many followers that way.

      3)Healthcare is bad because we can't afford it. Period. And now, if a Republican introduced it, we would still think it was bad. Example? Mitt Romeny. If one thing keeps him from the White House, its the fact that a good chunk of conservatives can't support him based on his history with Romneycare.

      4)The right to keep and bear arms is a constitutional right, just like free speech. Just because some do not want to change the constitution based on other's fears and illogical thinking, doesn't make us wackos. Do I need an AK-47? No. However, an AK-47 is functionally the same as the Rifle that my grandfather, father and I used to go deer hunting with. I know the difference, but people like you don't, and unfortunately people on your side try to write the laws. If gun laws were written by people who knew what the hell they were doing, and not driven by miss-information and fear, we would be more open to them.

      This election has nothing to do with parties, because, let's face it, minus a few select issues, they are basically the same. What it does come down to is two guys. One has proven he doesn't know how to create jobs, improve the economy, and balance a budget. The other guy has done all three.

    2. since you could not find it..

      BTW, if you reduce the military budget, you can balance quite a bit of things on the budget.

    3. About the Hunting.. Yes. i do not understand that well as i am an immigrant to this country and am a citizen only for a short while. I respect american values. I respect the tradition of hunting.

      Can't a hunter rent a firearm which fits hunting and still enjoy? My point is to safegaurd ourselves, we can carry firearms that fit that need.

      I have little understanding of this tradition, so i will rest my argument.

      My understanding of this issue is little. so i will rest.

    4. Yeah, it's awful when a group of rich people pool their money and give to the Republican candidate. But it's just fine for a bunch of left leaning Hollywood celebrities to pool their money and donate to the Democrat candidate? Look, neither side is perfect, far from it. But what Obama has started to do to this country in his four years will destroy this country. Why should I feel bad for working 40 hours a week at a fast food job while taking a full course load in college and then landing a good paying job once I was out of college? I worked hard to be where I am today. I shouldn't have to give a portion of my income to people who just want to collect a government check every week. As far as I am concerned, as long as there are help wanted signs at McDonalds, Burger King, and retail establishments, there should be on unemployment benefits given out. These people can get jobs, they just choose not to. I was laid off once. I didn't collect a single penny of unemployment from the government. I went out and got a job back in fast food for a couple of months till I was able to get another job in my field. We need to stop the "looking for a government handout" mentality that seems to be growing, especially in the last four years.

  8. Steve,

    Romney is on his way to 1600. All he has to do is plug in Rubio into the VP slot, and he's in.

    Obama donating to himself is only one of the signs THE DECEIVER is in deep Chappaquiddick.

    The Senate is gone for the donkeycraps.

    Morning in America 2.0

  9. Soooo, Yankees or Angels in the AL this year?

  10. I'll just leave this right here:

  11. Srini,

    Regarding Texas, you really need to improve your own critical thinking / reading skills. Did you even take the time to read the article or the platform of the Texas Republican party. There hasnt been any law passed and I will be happy to lay out the argument against (what the article calls critical thinking) is really against these terms being used as a cover for application of Outcome-Based Education. Do you know what that is? Do you want your child being a product of it? Practice using your brain and not just retreading tired and weak liberal propoganda.