Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Martha Burke and Her Yentas Take Their Victory Lap

So Augusta finally has their female members.

Whoop de do.

Women have played the course as guests regularly, so now two of them get to kick in some cash to keep the club running. I suppose they now need a small women's locker room, if they don't already have one for guests.

Not a big deal.

Unless you are Christine Brennan.

Here's the predicable politically correct drivel from her victory lap column...
To say it's about time is an understatement. It has been well past time for Augusta to end its stubborn, sexist ways and acknowledge women are not only a vital part of the golf industry, but are important participants in the corridors of power in America - and we can certainly say that Augusta National is one of the biggest, boldest and most iconic corridors of power. 
Today, one of the last bastions of male supremacy is no more. Today, Augusta National has made a crucial statement to every girl and woman who has thought about picking up a golf club. 
The message is simple: You are welcome. 
That same message is being sent to every girl and woman who has even thought about trying to enter a sport or a field of study or a job that boys and men have dominated. If Augusta National can bring in women, then anyone can. 
That's how big of a deal this is.
Ah yeah. The whole "young girls can now dream" angle. What a crock of bull. I want my girls' dreams to be way f'ing bigger than joining Augusta. Contrary to Brennan and others, the entirety of American commerce does not run through Magnolia Lane.

Women inhabit every other square inch of the golf world, from elite clubs coast to coast, on television as announcers, as golf course designers, and as officers in the PGA of America and the USGA.

But none of that matters to the crowd that just wants to hang a scalp on the wall of political correctness.

I always defended Augusta Nationals iron-clad RIGHT as a private club, to decide how, whom, and when to admit members. That was often confused and conflated with the opinion that I somehow believed women should not be members at Augusta.

Like I care.

The club is only open half the year anyway, and two female members isn't going to change the magic of the place. Condi is a badass member of Team Elephant, and Darla Moore, the same.

In short, they'll fit right in.


  1. Agree 100% with you on this one, Czabe.

  2. There is a bright side Czabe. If Ole Christine is still living in the fifteen years ago she's leaving the whales alone. That has to count for something eh?

  3. 99.99% of white males will never be eligible for membership in Augusta National, so I've never understood the idea that women had to be allowed in as members.

    We are not talking about an organization of a million people that turns down female applicants. We are talking about a small private organization that selects people for membership usually even before they know they are being considered.

    I guess the best thing that can be said of this decision is that the unintended consequence is that it makes the equal rights for women groups unnecessary now. Unless, those groups really only existed as power and money raising platforms for their leaders. In which case they will find something else to be offended about.

  4. Another institution towing the liberal screaming line. If you cry like a baby long enough, soon the one being screamed at will cave. It's private! Forgot, private means public to libs.

    I guess now I can tell my daughter to not shoot for being astronaut, doctor, lawyer, politician... no, something far more important on the agenda: she can be a member of a golf club.

    I guess liberals will be yelling at the Islamic faith to allow female religious leaders? Jewish faith? I see, they'll be yelling at Obama to dump Biden and allow a female to be the #2?

  5. Shouldn't we have some snicky pics of these two?

  6. snicky pictures of these two don't exist!

  7. Adam, you are an idiot! This is all about corporate money. In case you haven't noticed, the last few years women have been becoming CEO's of major corporations, some which sponsor the Masters. You think said corporations might like to save a little in advertising by telling Augusta to go pound sand. Word has it IBM was going to pull their sponsorship and that was what got this membership thing rolling. Otherwise the asshat members at Augusta would have held out forever. So if you want to blame something, blame good ol U.S. capitalism for this decision.

  8. If you think IBM is the ONLY corporation that would throw bags of money at The Masters, then you are clearly a lemming Obama voter.

    Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Intel, Google, Yahoo... list is endless of high tech companies that can create a website, throw millions at a massive TV event, and get their CEO on as a member. Please withdraw... they would incite a bidding war that would make the BCS bidding war a lemonade stand.

    You have to give the baby their pacifier or it'll keep crying.

  9. Except nobody gave a crap after the Burke protest. That was 10 years ago. There was virtually no drumbeat since then. These membership grants came out of left field. Why? Because women are now moving to the top of their corporations. And if enough sponsorships pull out, that may be bad for business for companies that keep sponsoring The Masters.

    Point is, all decisions at this level are ultimately money decisions. It has very little to do with the media. If it was just bad press, chances are Augusta would still be males only.