Sunday, August 12, 2012

London Olympics Finest Moments: In 3 Minutes

The modern Olympics are corrupt, overbearing, wasteful, and silly.

They remain, awesome however.

For all of the nonsense, greed, and shambolic mishaps, when you watch something like this is makes your skin tingle and your head hurt as you try to hold back little baby tears. (I'm a MAN, dammit! This doesn't MOVE me...! /sniffles... look at Gabby Douglass... she's soooo sweet!)

Enjoy. For as long as the Olympic overlords of the interwebs takes the video down due to "copyright" violations. Because you know, I'm just making a killing of of posting this video, and god forbid a little kid somewhere in the world will watch this a thrillion times before bed, and someday dream of being an Olympian.

1 comment:

  1. How can there be no shot of the US women's 4x100 meter relay? WR, dominating the Jamaicans! Same for the women's 4x400 meter relay team--truly amazing!