Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Cover5 Leagues Are Ready..... For YOU!

Let's face it, fantasy football ain't for everybody. In addition to the time it takes, the asshats in your league, the constant need to make pick-ups and drops - and of course, the dreaded superstar injury! - it can easily become more annoyance than fun.

So can I entice you people into something different?

Formerly "Craction", the game is a brainchild of Scott Schmidt (a Milwaukee local and native) that combines picking NFL (and college!) games against the Vegas spread, but with an added twist. You get even MORE points for just how "right" a winning pick happened to be.

So when you take Arizona to win a game as a 6-point underdog, and then cruise by 21, don't get just 1 "win" for picking that game correctly: you get 27 points for being super-duper-right in your prognostication!

This makes the traditional "year long pick pool" very very SPICY indeed.

Few leads in points are ever safe. And with a hot couple of weeks, you can really turn your season around, and erase an awful start.

So here's what we are doing at Czabe.com.

1. There is a FREE public league for anyone who signs up at www.cover5.com, in which 1st prize will be two (2) nights lodging in Las Vegas this spring for CzabeVegas and an All-Access pass for you and a friend to all of the CzabeVegas related parties, swag and activities. You just need to fly, drive, or hitch-hike your way out there, and the rest is on me!

2. There is also a 32 team (just like the NFL) "Private" league, that I am organizing which will cost entrants $100 American, payable through PayPal. I am currently accepting "applications" to be one of the 32 teams, but don't be mad if you don't make the cut, because I have been flooded with almost 200 requests.

Criteria for being granted a "franchise" in the private league, will be roughly as follows.

1. Creative Team Name
2. Good looking Team Logo (you must provide/create)
3. Ability to pay within 24 hours of being admitted.

That's pretty much it. It does not HURT to include a nice backstory, or personal appeal as to why you want IN on this "sweet action." So go ahead and beg, if you must.

Winner in the Czabe Private League will pocket $2000. Second place $800. Third $400. Not bad.

NOTE: Cover5 has NOTHING to do with collecting, or distributing any "side money" on a league you are in, or perhaps create.

And just think, your hours and hours and hours of fantasy research will not be wasted, just because Jamal Charles goes down for the season with a knee injury in Week 2. Such was my fantasy "joy" last year.

If you still play fantasy and like it, wonderful. Try adding Cover5 to your ways to enjoy both NFL and COLLEGE football.

NOTE: The college Cover5 game will begin once conference play has begun around October 1st.

And if you don't get into my private league, BY ALL MEANS, start your OWN Cover5 league! It's simple and fun. You can do it with co-workers. You can do it with old high school or college buddies. You can play for whatever you want to play for. 

Everything from "fun" to "a trillion dollars!"

So you have your marching orders. Email me with any questions, and let's have some fun this year!

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