Monday, August 6, 2012

Usain Bolt: Greatest Name Evah!

If Usain Bolt were named "Roger Terwilliger Jr." he would STILL be an eyeball-locking sports phenom of the highest order. He's not just the fastest man on the planet - AGAIN - but he has a flair, a cockiness, and a stride that is nothing short of hypnotic to watch.

And he's NOT named "Roger Terwilliger Jr."

Usain Bolt.

C'mon. That has to be a stage name, right?

Usain, as in "Insane"and Bolt as in, "Lightning?"

Nope. Not a stage name. Born with that.

Like the Gods themselves had pre-ordained this kid to be a human rocket. Amazing.

Now, for something on the other end of the spectrum: race walking.

I could spend many thousand words mocking this "sport." But why bother, when somebody sent me an even better clip from Modern Family  Malcolm In the Middle, which does the trick.



  1. actually from Malcolm in the Middle. I would call you a tool for not doing your homework, but tools are useful.

  2. malcolm in the middle is no modern family. modern family trumps it in every way. and it's got al bundy...nuff said, donkey!!!!

  3. Czabe...any plans to comment on Sally Jenkins' story on Holly Mangold?

  4. Bolt is a bit like an X_man in that he seems to represent the next step in human evolution. Plus, he has an awesome and evocative name which describes his special ability. Similar to Bob Beamon's long jump at the 1968 Mexico City Games, his Oympic and World Records will likely take a generation to equal. Sports scientists were really struggled to examine what enables a sprinter of his stature and physique to dominate given he’s unlike any others before him. And that may be exactly what makes him uniquely able to dominate. While the other sprinters appear to be truly straining themselves, he’s almost leisurely jogging. I’m just waiting for an American named Johnny Flash.

  5. my personal opinion is that the jamacians are doping somehow someway. where did all the jamacians men and women come from and how are they blowing the field away. where theres smoke theres usually fire.

    czabe, no comment today and your boy furyk collosal collapse on the 72nd?? that was epic.