Monday, July 29, 2013

Bob and Brian Open Weekend #21 - Recap

Still Milwaukee's "Big Units" all these years later. Bob Madden, Steve Czaban, Brian Nelson.
Another great trip to Wisconsin. Golf. Booze. Friends. Fun.

And...... COLD!

Good, lord! I mean, really. Really?

So we at least got the B&B Open - Presented by Leinenkugels "in" this year (we were due for a drencher, and we got it!) but it certainly lacked the "festiveness" of all the previous Opens played in spectacular July sunshine and pleasant mid-70's temps.

In fact, by my thermometer, we woke up Friday at Grand Geneva in the high 50's... and never got better than 70 until my boy Gitter noted with deadpanned sarcastic enthusiasm on Sunday at 6:09 p.m.: "Oh, hey. It's finally 70 degress. Super."
The boys with Carrie Wendt in studio. (NOTE: Carrie embargoed me posting any pictures besides this one. #boo!)
That's three straight days of October weather, in July. Damndest thing I ever did see. But, at least I now got my "fall trip" to your neck of the woods, out of the way.

The Bloody Horns 3 went off without a hitch. I can't say thanks enough to Dave Bachmann Jr. at The Bull at Pinehurst Farms. I have much more media to follow, but let's first tip the cap to our winners below.

These kids can flat out BALL their dimples! (Go with it, I just made it up!) I can't wait for them to join us in Vegas for CzabeVegas and play golf, becuase we are going to HUSTLE the living crap out of some high rollers out there.

Winners: RJ Schwalbach and Brian Balistierri.
Brian is a local club professional, and RJ an amatuer. Neither one has a swing you would call "classic" by any means, but RJ in particular just MURDERS the ball. Might be, pound-for-pound the longest hitter of any amatuer I've ever seen.

With damn rainpants falling to the ground as he gives it a mightly lash.

Sheesh. Kids today...

Anyhow, they outlasted Eric Madlung and Mike O'Neil in a very taught 5-hole sudden death playoff with about 40 people watching from their carts. Always good fun when that happens! At one point, Madlung had a tournament winning putt just HANG on the lip, in complete defiance of gravity.

Amazing. Agonizing. Tough break fellas.

Balistierri cuts a drive into the teeth of a stiff wind on the nearly impossible 18th at The Bull.

Schwalbach simply destroys a drive downwind on #10. Note the pants.
So that's a wrap for now, until I return this September for the Redskins game against the Packers. We'll see if we can organize some kind of meet-and-greet up at Lambeau. I truly do appreciate being an "adopted" Wisconsinite after all of these years.

Sorry my super awesome QB is going to set a new QB rushing record at Lambeau on that reconstructed knee (I'm guessing 232 with 2 scores).

Thanks to Boucher Automotive for providing me a luxurious new Suburban to haul me around this weekend, thanks to Gitter for both driving everywhere and also the utterly silly uniforms he made us wear at the Bloody Horns. Thanks to GM Annmarie Topel and PD Joe Calgaro for taking care of all of my diva-like demands.

And one last thing: take it easy on Ryan Braun, okay Brewer fans? He's still gonna be your best slugger when he comes back. You don't have to love him, but I think he'll still produce.

Me and Gitter, wearing his unfortunate choice of "Team Cap" for the Bloody Horns. We shot 78, good for 10th.


  1. Steve - some of your friends need to push away from the table (just saying for their health)

  2. Steve Czaban and Dave B. put on the absolute best golf outing on the planet. From the "pre-round chotchkies", to the post round buffet, nothing is better. Thank you, thank you, thank you for an awesome Bloody Horns. Next year can't get here soon enough.

  3. Nice clothing selection. Sheesh, you should have been here the week before when it was straight 90s. Love Bob and Brain.

  4. Weather here? Welcome to Wisconsin. If you don't like the weather, just wait a week....

    But ya, you missed the heat wave, quite different after that...

  5. How much does this cost? I want to pay for my uncle to go as a birthday present, and he is a big fan of the show.