Friday, July 19, 2013

British Open Day 1 Videos

Kudos to ESPN and the EXCELLENT work they are doing over at Muirfield. All the toys, bells, whistles, flight trackers, super-slo-mo's, airial shots and what not.

Top notch, TOP NOTCH!

Enjoy the above montage/opener on what sets Scots apart from any other culture in the world. They are indeed, a charming, warm, and likeable sort.

And below, you will see that indeed Tiger Woods is NOT the only Tour player to throw clubs and act like an ass. Some players I have NEVER, ever seen throw a club, and I don't think it's in their makeup emotionally (Mickelson, Els, Couples, to name of a few from the modern era) - but CHUCK SCHWARTZEL!

C'mon, man!

That 6-iron "got debacled!"


  1. Tiger's petulance is too early and too often. Its wearing thin.

    This next part is literally causing physical discomfort to type...ESPN did an outstanding job on their coverage. They did their little vignettes early and let the action speak for itself later in the rounds. They also made excellent use of the ball tracker. I have wondered for a while this wasn’t used more and ESPN seems to have figured that out. Also, the announcers did an excellent job of putting us in the golfer’s shoes. For example, when Westwood was making a move on Saturday, they talked about how his biggest challenge was to not walk too fast and try and keep from getting too pumped up. Good work guys…don’t f’it up.