Saturday, July 13, 2013

Retire The Trophy On This One

And we're not talking SMALL market news, either!

And to think that ESPN News anchor Max Bretos (whose wife is Asian!) got a one month suspension for simply using "chink in the armor" without any smart-assert while discussing the shortcomings in Jeremy Lin's basketball game.

You can blame all the flunky PA's and interns you like, Channel 2, but the dippy woman who read that full screen graphic without any hint that something was wrong, should be sent packing today.

And not even for racial insensitivity!

For being too stupid to sit in front of a camera!


  1. Interestingly, she closed the broadcast with, "Go fuck yourself, San Francisco."

  2. The NTSB blamed the prank on a group of rowdy interns. Sources have named them as: Oliver Klozoff, Seymour Butz, and Mike Hunt.

  3. So, let me see if I understand this: An age-old play on words that any self-respecting 10 or 12 year old could have picked up on in a heartbeat slips past lord knows how many major-market TV newsroom producers, associate producers, executive producers, managing editors, directors, reporters and anchors?

    All supposedly trained JOURNALISTS?

    How about this for a slogan, KTVU:
    "KTVU- Where we practice the highest standards of JERNILISUM".

  4. To quote one Ron Burgundy..."I'm ready to do what I was born to do...have salon quality hair and READ the news." TV anchors are journalists in the sense that Twinkies are high quality flour baked goods. I adore how people are calling these things out more and more...they're all hairpieces and makeup.

  5. This totally reminded me of the classic SNL opening with Robert DiNiro where he is a Homeland Security Official readin goff the list of terrorists they are looking for that have been called in from college campuses across the country:

    M'Balz Es-Hari, Hous Bin Phateen, Al-Suq Akweer... AWESOME

  6. Seriously Czabe?!? Don't you mean "...the dippy woman who read that full screen graphic without any hint that sum ting wong, should be..."