Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Here's Why Donovan McNabb Is No Way In Hell a Hall of Famer

He's out of football.

At 36.

End of argument.

In an era when guys like him should be killing it from 36-40 years old with all of their experience, combined with the fact that you can't touch quarterbacks OR wide receivers anymore, McNabb is reduced to hosting a radio show.

Despite a severe lack of decent veteran QB's in the league, and an insistence that he'd "lost 20 pounds" and was in great shape, the phone went eerily silent on ol' #5.

Not. A. Hall. Of. Famer.

When the Shanahans said he wasn't in shape after 3 games as a Redskin, they were right. When word leaked out that he refused to wear a wristband with plays on it, because he thought it would bring up the old dreaded "dumb black QB" stereotype, it shed a lot of light on who McNabb really was as a player.

When other very close sources told me he routinely botched play calls/formations in the huddle, it shed even more light on why he flameout here was so quick.

Oh yeah, Tom Brady and Eli Manning have used, or now use wristbands. So I don't think anybody was going to call you names, Donovan.

Was he very, very good? Of course. Super Bowl appearance, good numbers, more exciting early as a dual threat than he was as a more conventional passer. But not even close to the Hall.

The Eagles will retire his #5 this year. I even thought that was a stretch, but okay, I guess I can see it.

But hey, good luck on that radio thing.


  1. i'm not a mcnabb fan in fact i think the guy is a quitter who couln't propel very good teams over the hump,

    None the lesss czabe takes a low blow at a former athelete jumping form the field to radio with his "good luck on the radio thing" call.

    chris cooley are you listening????

  2. Somehow I'm reminded of one of the only times Terrell Owens said anything wise - when the Eagles lost the Superbowl and Owens blamed it on McNabb. You can kind of see it now, can't you?

  3. I don't think that he belongs in the same breath as Montana, Brady and Manning, but the football HOF lets just about anyone in. I think he compares favorably to some other QB's who are already in there, like Warren Moon and Dan Fouts.

  4. He was an excellent QB, but not HOF worthy.

    I always thought Shanny didn't get enough credit for the McNabb experiment. He needed a QB and got one without giving up much and they left themselves a way to get out after one year when it didnt work. It was a much smarter experiment than the THREE year Brunell exerience.

  5. Great job Czabe, what really pointed out McNabb's flaws for me was fantasy football (I know this won't be popular). In his prime, he was the most inconsistent QB for anyone who dared to take a chance on him. Sure his career stats may make him a questionable HOFer at best, but his week to week play was so bad he was never a steady starter in most fantasy leagues for me. His stats changed weekly more like a rookie than a 7 year starter. One of the only "great" qbs to throw for 400 yards one week and 80 the next! For playing in a passing era and a player who always had good receiving rbs, the numbers don't support a HOF nod. He'll be in because of the 4 letter. Rush was right and we all now it.