Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stupidity Runs In the Family

So the Pouncey Brothers think former college teammate Aaron Hernandez is getting a raw deal.

Or, well, their HATS think that.


My first thought was: "Gee, if only we could PAY kids like this real MONEY while in college, just because they are playing football. Why that would be so moral, and just, and have no un-intended consequences."

Meanwhile, FoxSports.com's Jason Whitlock delivers a 1000 pound laser guided bomb on this nonsense in his latest column.
The Pounceys should donate to Hernandez’s defense fund, financially support Hernandez’s child and baby’s mama, visit and/or write Hernandez while he’s incarcerated, and provide emotional support to Hernandez’s family. 
Any and all of that would make perfect sense and be a way of not abandoning a dear friend in grave trouble. 
Hitting a nightclub while wearing mindlessly rebellious “Free Hernandez” baseball caps is straight from the in-your-face, shock-value, prison culture/hip hop culture playbook. It screams the Pounceys place no value on Odin Lloyd’s life. He’s just another dead N-word who got his cap peeled by a homie.
I’m sure they’re good kids. They’re swept up in a culture they don’t fully understand and don’t fully respect its impact. The rap music industry, the record labels and the commercial artists preach a message to young black people that expressing the most unethical, intimidating, violent, divisive and classless behavior — characteristics necessary to survive incarceration — are success tools in America’s free society. 
As the father of rap music, Dahveed Nelson, said in my column on Monday, commercial rappers are high-paid collaborators to bait black youth to act like N-words. The Pounceys have only swallowed a tiny bit of the bait. But they’ve swallowed enough to think it’s cool and appropriate to support an alleged murderer with hats that trivialize the death of a 27-year-old black man. Imagine the offense they might take if they’d stopped at a club in December and Tom Brady was wearing a free George Zimmerman hat. 
Oh yes, indeed! Can you imagine? Or how about a "Free Ray Carruth" hat?



  1. Pouncey Brothers logic for supporting their former teamate: "Well, he's never murdered us"

  2. "Stupidity runs in the family."

    It practically gallops.

  3. Whitlock is a race baiting flame thrower...when he finally says something reasonable, it carries little credibility.

  4. I don't know which is worse...the caps or the ugly ass shirts!

  5. Complete with Lance Armstrong Livestrong bracelets.

  6. When I see that photo, I think to myself "Hmm, Sum Ting Wong"

    And another great column from JW! Bang Ding Ow!

  7. I don't see what the big deal is. After all "huntins legal"

  8. My God, these two dipshits look like a couple of cartoon characters.

  9. That's just lovely. Wonderful league ya got there Roger. Not to worry though, Einstein thinks any commentary on the disintegration of the culture and integrity of this once great league is 'whining'.

    And then he'll throw in some stupid leather-helmet era or WWII references to prove he's smart or whatever.

    Anything from the Civil War (to add to the discussion about yet even more jackasses that represent the NFL) there Einstein? Just curious. :)