Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mattell's Electronic Football Game - FOR YOUR iPHONE!

Yes, they really did this.

Given the current awesomeness of video games in the digital age, it would seem absurd to "port" the most primitive pre-cursor of modern video game football to an iPhone.

But here you have it.

For those old enough to remember the original.... "bleep... bleep.. BLEEP... bleeeeeeeep" of this "game" (honestly, it deserves the most mocking of air quotes), it may bring back warm and fuzzy feelings of sitting around for hours, honing your button mashing skills.

Perhaps better yet, you should download this app to show to your kids, and their friends... JUST HOW MUCH LIFE SUCKED WHEN YOU WERE 11 YEARS OLD!

Then throw 'em outside, make them shovel the driveway, and give them $2 for their toil.

That'll teach 'em.


  1. You think life sucked when we were 11??? The dash-dot football games, the pong Atari, the plexiglass-encased hockey on a stick? All completely awesome, and some of my best childhood memories are of my brother and I playing all of the above. It's not the technology that makes things awesome; it's the fun we have with the people around us.

    1. They were the very best of times. And never mind electronic football -- I got Mattel Talking Football for Christmas and it was AWESOME! You'd have little double-sided disks for each offensive play, stick one in the player and then your brother would rotate it to his choice of defense. Press the button, hear the announcer call the play as it unfolded, then move your little marker on the cardboard field. Joyous.

    2. Yep. My best friend had it and he and I would play for HOURS in his room. Who knew we would live in the world of Call of Duty only 30 years later?

  2. That Mattel football game holds an especially fond place in my heart. My parents were pretty much against any electronic games but for some reason I got that game for Christmas. I am guessing its because a) Dad somehow slipped it under Mom's radar and b) I am the youngest and we all know the youngest get away with murder. Good Times.

  3. Mattel's version didn't hold a candle to the later Coleco version which had the head-to-head feature, as well as allowed for passing plays. I was so thrilled when I got that as a kid!

  4. What wonderful memories of hours of playing my handheld game. I had the white one and was very envious of my classmate that had te green one. Later I would get the Sear's version of the Coleco handheld. If only I could fire up the Way back machine, go back in time and relive those times.