Thursday, July 16, 2009

A 42 Mile Per Hour Generous Called "Strike"

Upon further review, Obama's first pitch was uber-sissy.

That doesn't mean much unto itself. The dude's hoop game is probably better than every other ex-POTUS save for Grover Cleveland - who I'm told was a nasty power forward that could shoot lefty hook shots and had a killer crossover.

What's even weaker, however, is the media fawning. I love this exact headline: "President Gets Ball To the Plate On the Fly."

To quote Chris Rock: "Wathca wanna cookie?! You're supposed to do that!"

The gold standard for presidential first pitches, remains, and will likely never be matched, by the awesome strike gunned in by George W. Bush in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

This blog post and accompanying video is worth the read, and the watch.

I remember how on edge I was just watching that moment, wondering if it was even possible for the Secret Service to properly secure a building of that size, and whether another awful suprise was in store.

I gotta believe Bush's heart was pounding too. Steeeee-rike!


As for Obama? Eh. You didn't crap your pants. Now, is it possible for you to lay low a while, and not pop up at every big national media event? You do have 3.5 more years in this gig, you know?


  1. How brilliant was it to have him wear that Sox jacket. This way when 1/2 the crowd was booing him (because of politics) his handlers and the media can just say that they were booing him because of his Sox gear!

  2. I couldn't believe the ovation Bush got when I re-watched his pitch...what a change in just a few years, fueled of course by the same media that coronated Obama.
    Also, it's my understanding that Bush did this while wearing body armor, not the un-presidential (albeit comfortable) garb that Obama wore.
    Last, El Rushbo agreed with you on this, Czabe (even saying that Obama throws like a girl), and yesterday when he played the clip of that wench from MSNBC spouting "Have you seen a girl throw, Rush Limabaugh?" he followed it up, right on cue, by saying "Of course I've seen a girl throw! The last one was Obama the other night. That's the whole point."