Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Mother of All Grudges

I was talking yesterday on the air about men who hold grudges against other men. In short, how long should you hold them, what merits a grudge, what is excusable after a reasonable amount of time, and what categories of transgressions are utterly inexcusable.

This was in wake of my admission that a variety of golf buddies/associates/tournament participants who had gained status on my supreme "shit list" had been given blanket amnesty.

Life it too short, real world concerns too many, and the transgressions over stupid golf trips and tournaments past too petty.

So I started thinking about sports "grudges" that once were, or perhaps still remain. A few off the top of my head include ....

Terry Bradshaw's estrangement from the Steelers.
Ditto Sam Huff with the Giants.
Gary McCord and the Masters.
USA Silver medals sitting in that Swiss vault
The city of Baltimore and the Colts/Irsay
Any MLB bean ball/strike breaker

And then there was this beauty from my guy Mike Kubacheck

In all my adult life, there are only 2 people that I was friends with where I eventually decided that the friendship wasn't worth the baggage that came with them..... the first one, though, finally turned because of football...... this guy Bob was a Philly fan, and he had a temper (go figure!!)..

We (wife and I) used to socialize with him and his wife, but increasingly we felt like we had to tiptoe around Bob and his temper, and it got to be less fun hanging with them..... so, we were over at their house watching the Skins-Eagles game, and I made the offhand comment that Andre Waters was a dirty player......

Bob EXPLODED, started yelling about what bull that was, and said that "only people who know nothing about football, or ONLY watch Monday Night Football, would say that", referencing all the crap that Dierdorf used to give Waters......

So, I said I felt it was well known that Waters took cheap shots when he could, he yelled "OK..... NAME FIVE TIMES WHERE HE CHEAPSHOTTED SOMEONE!!!!!"...... not 1, or 2, but 5 times, I was supposed to name...... because I usually only watched the Redskins, I could only name the 2 hits on Doug Williams, plus a hit on Jim Everett......

So he took that as a victory and that I didn't know what I was talking about.... that was the last time I ever saw him.....

REACT: And probably a good idea. Wow. They didn't call him Andre "The Honest Hit" Waters, did they?


  1. Czabe, Grudges are normal and healthy. When I was in 5th grade, the Orioles had a 3 games to 1 lead on the Pirates in the '79 World Series. I bet a classmate a quarter that the Pirates would come back and win the Series. They did, and the guy refused to pay up. To this day, I still consider him to be a total douchebag. I will take that hatred to my grave.

  2. Those US silver medals should never leave that vault. That team earned the gold, and if anything, we should force Russia to give us their medals.