Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Now Batting For the Boston Dandies...."

Sometimes, other people's stuff is just so good, there's no point in trying to steal it, re-write it, or otherwise riff on it.

Just enjoy it.

Me, I'm taking the day off, bitches.

From What Would Tyler Durden Do?..... the writers take on the 51st Hollywood Stars celebrity softball game at Dodger Stadium....

The biggest “stars” on hand were Joel Madden, Rob Lowe and Larry King. Whats that? Yes, yes that’s correct. Larry King. He even went to the plate and somehow his ancient brittle bones didn’t explode into dust when he swung the bat.

Him being there made it look like a reunion game from back before black people were allowed to play. If he had a rookie card it would just been a drawing because pictures were still considered the dark arts, and he’d have mutton chop sideburns and one of those big mustaches that curl up at the end. And it would have been for some insane sounding team that you’ve never fucking heard of. The Boston Dandies, or the Rochester Rowderfoots, or some shit like that.

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