Monday, July 13, 2009

NFL Suspends Favre..... (Not).

From the "mmmmm... good point" Department....

From libertarian blogger/Frenemy of Czabe: Skip Oliva...

Random thought: Why doesn't Goodell suspend Brett Favre for the 2009 season? Clearly, Favre has repeatedly manipulated league procedures and a number of franchises for his own benefit to the detriment of the league's integrity. If, as Goodell and his media enablers maintain, the role of the commissioner is to act in the "interests of the game" -- whatever that means -- then he should intervene and put an end to Favre's fraudulent retirement-unretirement cycle. Suspend his ass now and force everyone to move on.

(No, of course I'm not serious, but if you're going to suspend players "indefinitely" for off-field acts, then I'd like to know why a player who has repeatedly tampered with multiple franchises gets a pass.)

REACT: I agree 100%. Favre has clearly manipulated the process to in effect gain un-deserved free agency. If the NFL were a fantasy league, people would be screaming. But since owners just care about cashing $$$$$, they look the other way. Just like when the Celtics got Garnett and the Lakers got Gasol, these were moves that would have disintegrated most fantasy leagues with their blatant unfairness. But since they were part of a larger leaguewide whoring out for money and ratings, they went unchecked. Wheeeee!


  1. czabe, can you prove Favre's actions were to the 'detriment of the game'?

    A little common sense goes a long way...

  2. Smitty needs to learn how to read and not combine two seperate thoughts. It reads "detriment of the league's integrity" and "interests of the game". Which he has morphed into 'detriment of the game'. Favre has clearly manipulated both the leagues integrity and has forgone the interest of the game to satisfy his personal vendetta he has with Packers and Ted Thompson. If he wouldn't make it into a side show at the carnival, it would be one thing, but he seems to have this insatiable need for being in the spotlight, and then trying to cast himself as the victim once someone pays attention to him.

  3. Randy, if something is not in the interest of the game, it is a detriment(not complicated). Probably a poor choice of words for those readers whom are IQ-challenged...

    The Pack did not want Favre. The Jets have not complained about losing Favre, therefore I declare they did not want Favre.

    Why Czaban has a raging erection for Favre, I don't know...

  4. Smitty,

    Czaba doesn't like Favre for the same reasons a lot of people don't. His best years are far behind him and he's a narcissisic media whore. It's pretty simple really.