Thursday, November 4, 2010

Crab Vending Machine

Yep. And this is NOT a spoof from the boys at The Onion.


  1. And this is a reason why the USA is going down the tubes. And China's economy is on the way up. (other than the economic anchor known as the president)

    Lets just say this was something people here would want.

    Animal rights activists pissed? Yep.

    Lawyer business? Yep, first crab that pinches some "poor child", company is used for millions and the networks spend days investigating the owners backgrounds.

    Envior-wackos? Check. Too much plastic in those crab containers.

    Local governments? Got to have permits to put that machine there pal, and tax stamps and pay taxes on all that income you're making.

    Get the idea?

  2. I'll get my crabs the old fashioned way. In the back seat.