Monday, November 22, 2010

Packers Deliver Final Gutting of Favre

Watching the Packers demolish the Vikings on Sunday, was like the biggest serving of Shadenfavre pie with triple icing, syrup, and whip cream on top.

Lap it up, Packer fans. Lap it up.

Greg Jennings was swerving around like a remote controlled toy car, making Vikings DBs look like your cat chasing that car hopelessly on your hardwood floors.

Favre looked like warmed over ass. Then there was the argument with Darrell Bevell.

Oh, how sweet.

I always wished for somebody to finally crunch the narcissistic Mississippi Dongslinger into retirement with a hit that would break several bones, and tear several ligaments.

The dick is too tough for that. I'll give him credit there.

But short of such an ending, this might be even better. Favre is now stuck in the awkward limbo with the Vikings of being a CLEAR liability, yet not wanting to end his career without the incredible tagline of "never missed a game".

Not only did the Packers help extinquish the Vikings season, but they effectively snuffed out Favre's career once and for all, and may well get another coach fired!

It reminded me of the chilling scene in Saving Private Ryan where Private Mellish gets stabbed to death by the German in the basement of the Bell Tower at the end of the movie.

According to the excellent site Saving Private Ryan Online Encyclopedia, the SS-Waffen soldier who killed Mellish, whispered the following into his face as he died.

One translation of the words spoken by the Waffen-SS soldier who killed Mellish is, "Give up, you don't stand a chance! Let's end this here; it will be easier for you like this!"

Just like the Pack did to Favre. "End it here, Junkslinger. It will be easier for you like this!"


  1. "Shadenfavre" and "Warmed over ass," are two instant classics.

  2. Steve did you hear Joe Buck say the Vikings "Coerced" Brett Favre into playing for them.

  3. It's getting a little scary.

    I know the Giants have knocked out 5 or 6 quarterbacks from games, but the Pack are 2/2 on taking out head coaches after games......

  4. Nothing against Mike Smith, head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, but he might want to consider calling in sick next Sunday.

  5. Steve another one would be Sonny Corleone beating the crap out of his brother in law

  6. it reminds me of travis walking outside to put down old yeller after the dog got rabies..... I think this story seems very fitting for how the packers handled favre after he got out of hand.

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