Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Massacre at Demon Pass

Back then, it was called “Deem and Pass.”

It sounded a lot like “Demon Pass.”

Generals Pelosi and Reid decided last winter and spring to risk a political run through the “Demon Pass” of brute force politics to pass health care “reform” over the stated will of the American people.

Tuesday, their congressional forces got eviscerated for it.

How sweet it was.

This is no time for freedom loving Americans to get all mopey about what might have been. Sure the inability to eliminate Reid, the narrow loss in Colorado, and the fubar three-way in Alaska, put a slight crimp on an otherwise euphoric night.

But lets look at the big picture.

Did we really think we could take out the entire army of liberal democrat statists who were marching at the heart of democracy with more and more regulations and taxes?

Of course not.

General Pelosi, for one, was going to desert her ranks, and slip into the darkness of her safe San Francisco district with her pathetic 8% national approval rating the minute the first bombs started to drop.

And while Reid is alive, I look at it this way. He's been mortally wounded. For Democrats, they now have to give him triage, and cart him along with what's left of their majorities for the next two years. The surviving members of the Democrat senate will look at him privately with resentment for their losses.

Meanwhile, step back to admire the utter political carnage that has revealed itself upon morning light.

It's like the infamous Iraqi “Highway of Death”.

Just look at it!

Something like 65 seats or more in the House. A downpayment of 6 seats in the Senate, with a disliked but still useful-to-the-cause Murkowski expected to win in Alaska. Manchin in WV ran so hard as an anti-Obama, he's basically a DINO.

And the in-play list of Democrat Senate seats for 2012 looks like a red state shooting gallery.

The Republicans turned statehouses their way from coast to coast. Take a drink every time you read about something that happened to Democrats “for the first time since...” - and the year is before 1960!

Long time Democratic stalwarts with high committee memberships have been ousted from 30-plus year careers.

Virginia, Florida, and Ohio all turned back blood red at every level, restoring a crucial Republican firewall for the 2012 presidential fight. Wisconsin has gone deep red! Wisconsin! Maine is all red for the first time in 50 years!

Iowa ousted three state Supreme Court justices who thought they could magically find “rights” in the state constitution for gay marriage.

The tea party took its lumps with O'Donnell, Angle and Miller. But to think the movement is going away would be as foolish as those who tried to tar it as a racist, astroturfed, passing fad. The tea party has learned that good candidates matter, so the effort to upgrade the “retail image” of those flag bearers will be front and center for the next cycle.

There are rising stars in the party about to become well known entities, starting with John Boehner. Paul Ryan is as sharp and reasonable as they come and now he can't just be ignored by Obama when he brings his spreadsheets to the table. Marco Rubio and Chris Christie could be formidible together in 2012, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

All of this is not to say that the war is over. The Democrats will re-group, and press ahead with their own unique brand of governing arrogance. They are not to be underestimated. Their union machines and voting strength in large cities remains formidable. Their cheerleaders in the mainstream media will double down on trying to block the emerging Republican majority at ever turn.

But still, my god. My.... god!

The people last night went to the polls, and tore a swath of vengeance through the arrogant 111th Congress, in a stunning counter-action that has left Democrats crippled and confused.

Today is not the day for disappointment. No sir. Smell the sulfur of the carnage, and feel the pride.

In 2012, let's be ready to finish the job.


  1. Not only is Paul Ryan smart, conservative - he is a legendary P90X enthusiast!

  2. Rubio was born in Cuba and can't run for president.

  3. scratch that.. hiss parents were born in Cuba.

  4. I hate to break it to you, but both parties are so far gone from doing what's right for this country, that it really doesn't matter if their team color is red or blue. Politicians do not serve the public's interest, they serve their own interest.

    Czabe -- I get politics from everywhere else. I get campaign ads while I am trying to do my job. Can we stick to sports here? Thanks.

  5. I'm kind of laughing because I came to this site hoping to read a little about the Skins and not only is there an infantile political rant in support of islamaphobic bigots, but there are only four comments. Yes, despite having a daiy drive time radio show, no one cares what you think.

  6. @ Fightback USA: Your comment is precisely the reason your precious (D) asses were kicked yesterday. And we ain't goin' away. Not tomorrow. Not next month. Never.

  7. And btw, I respect the hell out of Steve for having the nuts to put his political views on his blog. Imagine that, a sports guy who a) truly believes in the original principles this country was founded upon and b) actually has the balls to espouse them in a public forum. Bravo Czabe! Onward my middle-aged friend!

  8. Czabe, please continue to bring whatever commentary to the table that you see fit. I always enjoy a sprinkling of seasoning to the sports buffet table.

    @Fightback USA and Matt: Really? You cannot read a few paragraphs of something non-sports related? Give me a break and grow up.

    On a separate note, I have never enjoyed a Tuesday night like I did on 11/2/2010. Epic.

  9. I'm a registered Independent who thinks that both sides suck balls. I usually end up voting for the lesser of two evils. Team Donkey had better come up with a better candidate than Sarah Palin for 2012. There is no way in hell that I will vote for that dingbat.

  10. Jeff,

    I would watch who you are calling a "dingbat." Last time I checked, Gov Palin is a Republican, that would make her a member of "Team Elephant"

  11. All politicians are crooked. They may start out with the best of intentions, but when special interest groups and lobbyists stuff their pockets with cash, they soon forget the people the represent back home. Democrats and Republicans are equally guilty. Until these clowns, both Republican and Democrat, decide to work together, gridlock is going to remain in government. A sad state of affairs in the political landscape of the U.S.

  12. The only place I would like to see Palin in 2012 is possibly on the pages of Playboy.

  13. I knew I should have double checked. I always get them mixed up. Good thing someone as dumb as me isn't running for President. Palin should go back to reading Cosmo and stop pretending to be a politician. She is a moron.

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  15. good work czabe. this is your blog do as you see fit.

    I myself poured a glass of a 30yr old scotch and lit a cigar to celebrate.

    keep the powder dry 2012 is next and we have to finish the job and vote in a real president not a socialist.

    not sure palin is the answer but we got a while to figure it out.

  16. kenneth -- I came here to get away from the braying jackassery that is politics. Yes, there's quite a lot of braying jackassery that is sports, but it's entertaining, rather than annoying, infuriating, or repeated ad nauseum.

    It's not that I disrespect the views of those who are Republicans or Democrats. I just don't care to hear it anymore. It's been repeated so much, it seems like people are trying to beat their beliefs into my head. It does nothing but lead to anger, sooner than later.

    Some day we will move beyond the need for political parties. I hope to live to see that day, but even with 50 years ahead of me, I'm not expecting it.

  17. woo-hoo

    two more years of NOTHING GETTING DONE!

  18. People weren't necessarily voting pro-Republican, they were voting anti-Democrat. Our 2 moderate Senators in Virginia (both are D's) have lost a lot of respect for blindly backing the party line on Healthcare, even though more than 70% of Virginians were against it. Trust me, we'll remember that when they're up for re-election...

  19. I think 2012 is indeed the end of the world. What else can happen when Palin becomes president?

  20. @bill couldn't have said it better...both comments.
    Americans love freedom, and anyone with any idea of what that means wants the government to back off. While you can say that both parties suck (true much of the time lately), the whole 'Tea Party' movement is an attempt to pull the Republican party back to a true Constitutional-behaving party with limited government. It's our only hope to not become Greece, folks.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. When will the politicians start working on this country? I don't care who is in control, but it worries me that the Republican leaders stated with these wins that there #1 job was to prevent Obama from re-election. WTF?! How about we focus on the deficit and economy! The tea party is not going away, the moderate dems were voted out leaving really left dems, with the tea party heading further right and the Just say no to Obama GOP strategy what's the govt doing? How about their jobs.

  23. Look at pre-Health Reform bill polls and then check after. Two completely different sets of numbers.

    July 2009:

    ...survey respondents remain dissatisfied with the current state of health-care delivery and supportive of reform in principle. Forty-six percent of respondents said it was "very important" that Congress and the President pass major health reform in the next few months, and an additional 23% said it was "somewhat important." Only 28% found the immediate effort either not very or not at all important. In a separate question, more Americans said it would be better to pass "major reform" to health care (55%) rather than "minor adjustments" (43%).

    Shortly after that the right began their BS campaign about death panels, doctors quitting, etc.

  24. Czabe,

    You are more than entitled to your opinion,of course, but it's obvious to me from reading this that you have utter disdain for me and what I believe. That you want to "go to war" against people think like me. It's very clear to me now that you are really not very interested in associating with people other than hard-R Republicans. Since I am not one, I can't imagine that you'd want me as a listener. Well you probably don't care -- one less listener to a scary-successful broadcaster like you probably doesn't matter very much. Again it's not that you have views that are different from my own -- hell, that's what makes life interesting -- it's that you so blatantly look down your nose and think that people who don't agree with YOU are the enemy that now makes me see you in a whole different light.

  25. All Sports are political or they really aren't sports.

  26. Since the 'Socialist takeover of America ' started on 1/21/09 the Dow +40%, NASDAQ +74%, S&P 500 +47%. The moneyed class has got what they wanted and always get. The cash. They leave us to squabble about stupid shit the rest of the time. Take a bow everyone.

  27. Czabe-

    I spent some of the wonderful evening in a bar watching results roll in. As Dems around me whose work on a Senate campaign went down like the Hindenburg. Wahwah.

    I read an interesting take on Reid in the WSJ. Someone said if we could not take the Senate its better to leave Harry Reid there because he is so feckless and incompetent. Because the next person who would lead the Senate is Chuckles Schumer-who is effective.

  28. Czabe:

    I have to agree with "Michael Scott" above. I've never been a fan of your sharing your beliefs on radio or blog, simply because you paint those of us not hard-core Team Elephant as socialists, 'libs,' or worse, and equate an election with the Highway of Death. It's a shame, but I guess broadcasting using FoxSports airwaves must mean you learn Fox's particular style of slander.

    But let me just say this: I vote Democratic nearly all the time, and I'm left of center in my politics, although more in the moderate range. And I will defy you, or anyone on Team Red, to challenge either my patriotism, or love of country. The Republican Party, Fox News, and their love-child, The Tea Party haven't cornered the market on those ideals.

    I've put in a career working for the Defense Department, helping in my own little way to keep the country free for you to slander me on the air and your website. I've taken less money for my skills to do so, and have lived outside the US a couple of times, for more than 10 years. Hell, I even married a 21-year retired (now) member of the USAF, who herself is a third generation military retiree. So let's stack "patriot resumes," if you want.

    But just because I think health care would be better served out of the hands of the insurance companies, or because I think regulation actually keeps our food and water supply safer, our country less filled with strip mines, and maybe keeps the bastards on Wall Street from stealing every last dime any of us have (except maybe hot-shot sports radio guys, who we all know are filthy rich), that makes ME a bad guy, or less an American?? Eff you for even implying it. You don't have to agree with me, and probably won't, but try and be a little more grown up about it.

    Hampton Roads radio has eliminated most of the 980 simulcasts, so I don't get to hear you on the radio like I used to. And believe it or not, I wish I did - I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Redskins current implosion. But that post was over the freakin' top.

  29. Sorry, Shaun old girl, Czabe is employed by THE SPORTING NEWS not Fox. Typical. Rant away while the initial basis of your hysteria is wrong. Hey, Czabe, did you see? Sports radio guys are all "filthy rich!" Congrats. What a tool. As one who has written speeches for a former president, I got OUT of party politics in 1996 and have been deeply troubled with the 2-handed progressive express that has presided over this country's decline since. The answer is NOT a -D- or an -R- it is the coming together of people that understand our Founding documents and the American IDEA. This is the lone country in the history of mankind that was not assembled based on a singular "people" and lineage. America is, at bottom, an IDEAL for mankind - freedom and rugged individualism as the pathway to security and happiness with as little statist interference as possible. TR and Wilson and the eugenicists in the early twentieth century have been trying to lay the foundation for the non-violent overthrow of this great nation. A hundred years later, the threat remains and they must be stopped at all cost. -=PUBLIUS17989=-

  30. @Lex Rex: Sure, Czabe's a Sporting News guy now, but up until, what, a year ago - or maybe less - it was Fox Sports. When a guy gets Fox all over him, the stain lasts a long time.

    I dunno - how many non-filthy-rich guys you know have TV rooms in their homes that look like a NASA command center? Unless I missed the shows while overseas that said the Czabe-O-Dome was a fictional place, made up for good radio, that is.

    I'd be all for the rugged individual myth, er, theme, if it were more reality than imagination. Are all the rugged individuals out there, such as yourself, going to commit to a nation defense, or an interstate road system, or boiling your own drinking water, etc? And when the members of the Tea Party faction - and they can call themselves part of an existing party, or stand alone, doesn't matter to me - are happy to give back their various forms of 'welfare,' to help make government smaller, I'll take them seriously. But I'm pretty sure they're cashing their Social Security checks, and plan to participate in Medicare, if they're not already there, among other things.

    I'm all for a controlled-size government, and I'm all for making government as efficient as possible, but I also understand the reality that, to get a lot of the things we - all Americans, not just one party or another - expect and demand in government services, it has to be paid for. This might not work in a Presidential speech, but put it like this: that shit ain't free.

    And if either party really believed in what it spouted, it'd be a lot better. Example: down here in Hampton Roads, there's talk of "shutting down" Joint Forces Command. Virginia, as Steve's so proud of, is pretty much a red state. So, closing down a place that has overextended its purpose, and costs a lot more than it should, or we can afford, would be in the GOP wheelhouse, right? Wrong. The local GOP congressmen and/or candidates fell all over themselves to "save JFCOM." I guess making government smaller and more responsible only works when a) it's something you don't care about, or b) it's in someone else's state.

    And by the way, you missed my main point: I might disagree with Czabe's politics (and yours as well, it would appear), but that doesn't make me a bad person. Yet in Steve's world, it does. And now from your post, I'm also an enemy of "security and happiness." Wow. I'm pretty sure that a country not assembled based on a singular people would also mean tolerance for differing points of view. Instead, we get "Highway of Death." I guess speechwriting doesn't include irony.