Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Getting "Re-Combombulated"

Saw this sign at the post-TSA check area at General Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee.



I too, am trying to "re-combobulate" after a truly epic weekend in Wisconsin. Much thanks to everyone involved.

Thanks to Jim Reichart at Frontier Airlines for getting both myself and radio wingman Scott Linn from The Steve Czaban Show on Sporting News Radio safely and easily back and forth between MKE and DCA.

Thanks to Annmarie Topel and Jeremy Zuleger at 102.9 The Hog for downtown Milwaukee hotel arrangements at Hotel Metro.

Thanks to Eric Jensen for awesome tickets to see the (not so awesome) Bucks on Saturday night.

Thanks to Nick Vitrano and Mark Daniels for being great hosts at 1440 WNFL. Also Jason Bartel from Kroll's West for incredible tickets at Lambeau.

Thanks to Casey Ausloos for tickets to the Packer Hall of Fame and the stadium tour.

And 'natch, thanks to good ol' Bob and Brian for taking their show on the road for us, and letting us waterski in the wake of their massive, statewide, radio-God, popularity.


So here's some images from the weekend.

Old School ACME Packer guy, with Czaban wearing his throwback ACME Packer hoodie. Bill Belichick wants that gear!

Those white lights you see on the field, are "grow" lights that Lambeau began using this year to help stimulate actual grass growth as deep into the Wisconsin winter as possible. They say Euro stadiums have used them to success with soccer teams. In addition to this, the field has pipes with chemical fluid to keep the field temp 53 degrees even when it's zero out, and the natural grass surface has a sort of "hair weave" synthetic turf layer that helps the field stay together.

Camera tech guy, tweaks goal-post-cam. They should use this one more, IMHO.

Ice Bowl statues in the Packer Hall of Fame.

Replica of Lombardi's desk. Get me more players, dammit!

Interesting to me, at least: the cameramen apparently prepare their own "charts" of players, much like PXP men. Because they looked original, and not photocopies, I think these guys do this on their own. Dedication, baybee!

Cowboy guard Kyle Kosier. Took his picture because his dad, Keith, is a big listener of my national show out in Arizona where the Kozier's hail from. Nice guy.

Another awesome camera that is not used nearly enough IMHO. I wonder what deceased TV techs from the 1960's would think if they saw this rig. Amazing to watch.

Packer fans. Well fed, and hearty. Ahem.

Dez Bryant caught the Cowboys ONLY touchdown RIGHT in front of this dude. No leap. Bummer. Makes me feel a little better that my attempt to purchase a Lambeau Leap was thwarted by 5 TD's to THE WRONG END ZONE, AND Clay Matthews swerving to the other side of the end zone halfway to paydirt on his pick-six. Damn!

Me and the fellas at WNFL in their spanking new building! What a clean, beautiful radio facility!


  1. Cool pics, Czabe. Looks like a great trip. What's the history with your second home of Wisconsin? How does a Northern Virginia boy from the mean streets of McLean end up so beloved and at home in cheesehead country?

  2. I always get a chuckle from those ACME Packer sweatshirts since the ACME Packers predated the sweatshirt by six years.

  3. Czabe is Wisconsin's second son! glad you enjoyed the trip.

    I, too, am trying to re-combobulate.

  4. Steve, the morning whining bitch (AKA Packers' ass wipe)

    So what.

  5. I agree with you 100% on the camera angles, Czabe. I love the endzone cam and whatever that camera is that hangs above the field and follows the ball on cables.
    Whenever they use it I think COOL, then 2 seconds later they go back to the old boring sideline cam for the rest of the game.
    INNOVATE people!!

  6. I too would like to hear the story behind Czabe's having WI as a second home, probably is interesting. Also, that 'sky cam' or whatever it's called is very cool. I do believe I've seen it at the VA Tech home games, it's fun just to watch it zing around overhead, even.

  7. from what i remember hearing, czaben used to work in chicago like 15 years ago and lived in buffalo grove, il which is about an hour from milwaukee, during his time there, he met Bob and Brian from Lazer 103 in milwaukee. friendship developed and it goes from there. im sure im missing a lot of info though.

  8. cool running, your infatuation with czabe is getting a little creepy.... you need to put down the vasaline and tissue and step away from the computer.

  9. Dale, I take it you must be Steve's bitch, too.

  10. too, as in also? do you keep a running list of people you deem "bitches"?

  11. ".....put down the vasaline and tissue and step away from the computer. "

    Is that what you usually do in front of your PC, fag hag?

    by the way "vasaline" is spelled like this Vaseline.

  12. my apologies vaseline.... unlike you i dont have a bottle of it to look at while im on the computer (i think you will need some vaseline to put on the wicked burn i just gave you. props to myself). cool running, is your real name Stephen A Smith?

  13. What ever you say fag hag, is acceptable coming from some one like you.