Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Amen To This!

In light of my chainsaw frustration discussion this week on both The Steve Czaban Show and Bob and Brian, somebody sent me this very appropos commercial!

Maybe Echo will get the nod! Because I TOO will simply NOT PUT UP WITH a chainsaw that doesn't wwwaaaaaaaWHAAAAAAA....whaaaaaaa...WHAAAAAAAA on command!


  1. Are you sure you want a product endorsed by a goof in a sweater that lets a strange TSA agent repeatedly touch is love muscle?
    Keep bringing your saw back to the clowns who pretended to fix it the first time. When they have it tuned well enough it starts on the third pull (be sure to test it and rev it good INSIDE the showroom) then you should be set to do some bush trimming.
    For a much less manly, but more user-friendly solution, is the electric chainsaw. Not nearly the intimidating, neighbor annoying, sweet sound of power, but it will get the job done.

  2. Take it to them cold and and have the guy show you that it starts.