Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bad News, Longhorn Fans

But Vinny Cerrato, was brought in by Mack Brown as a "consultant" to help untangle last year's 5-7 debacle!

In his postseason evaluation, Brown studied every game tape. He hired several outside consultants, like Vinny Cerrato — a former Brown player, as well as the one-time recruiting coordinator for Lou Holtz at Notre Dame and the general manager of the Washington Redskins — to inspect and evaluate his program. He also asked each player to fill out — and sign — a specific questionnaire about the program and his position coach. Brown said he tore them up after reading the surveys.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

The quote above can be found on Page 4 of a very lengthy and exhaustive article in the American-Statesman. Apparently, Vinny reminded everyone that he was once Lou Holtz's recruiting coordinator, back when Notre Dame was still doing the shady, line-blurring shit with recruits that ... um... let's see... helps you actually CONTEND for a National Championship.

Some have called Vinny nothing more than Lou's "bag man" although specific charges have never actually stuck.

Whatever the case, Vinny's take was simple: You've got some good underclassmen. Hang in there.

For that, he was paid $1500.

Ah, consulting. The greatest scam going.


  1. "Those who CAN, do.
    Those who CAN'T, consult."

  2. At $1500, UT got off cheap. A football program would be glad to pay Vinny $1500 just to go away and not come back around.

  3. Vinny to Longhorn fans:

    "Hang in there, we have a plan, we know what we're doing, so...don't panic..."

  4. San Francisco 49ers
    Cleveland Browns
    Washington Redskins


    Follow the trail of destruction, this should be good!