Sunday, February 27, 2011

Erin Andrews Goes Red Carpet

Good for Erin Andrews.

No really, I mean it.

She's finally doing the kind of things I said she should be a long time ago, and making the kind of money somebody on TV who is as hot as she is should be making.

The latest news of Erin's skyrocketing career arc, is that she'll be working the Oscars with Robin Roberts on ABC tonite.

To quote Jim Carrey in The Mask: "Smmmmmmmoookin!"

"But wait a minute, Czabe," you ask "weren't you the #1 Consipiracy Theorist when peephole-gate broke with her?"

Yes, yes I was. But I want to remind everyone of an important distinction on that front.

My take was always this: I felt there was no way some random perv could get video like this. I thought most decent hotels had security measures to prevent it, and that you couldn't just pop out a peephole that easily. I thought timing EA's dressing routine was too difficult and dangerous. I also thought her curling her hair buck nekkid (and not with perhaps, a bra and panties on) was highly suspicious.

My alternate theory was that a boyfriend had taken fake "peephole" footage because it turned him on, and that he somehow emailed the footage to a buddy, and it went viral. Instead of admitting it, EA cooked up a story of a peephole perv, to lessen embarassment and protect her (only) job at ESPN.

Then, they caught the guy.

Okay. I was wrong.

Some people went further, like my producer Solly, who felt all along she CREATED this video to help boost her career. I admire his deep cynicism, but its hard to believe a dude is actually in JAIL just to help carry out this elaborate lie.

It doesn't mean however, that it wouldn't have been possible for someone like EA to do just that. In fact, look at how proven the method has become. Random hottie + sex tape = low-level celebrity. Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Kendra Wilkinson.... and these won't be the last.

So if you look at EA's career SINCE the perv went peephole on her, it's been on fire.

- New contract with ESPN, her own show on College GameDay.
- Dancing With the Stars
- Endorsement deal with Reebok
- Appearance on the Oscars on ABC

And good for her. I'm not going to say her ordeal was "the best thing to happen to her" or that it was "worth it." But hey, she's making the most of it.

And yeah, good for her.

Is she some kind of ground breaking sports announcer? No. But she's as good as any other woman in the field, and lest I remind us men: she's really easy on the eyes!


  1. Czabe, surely you're aware of her curious comments during the Rose Bowl?

    "ESPN sideline princess Erin Andrews finds herself at the center of a sneaker controversy, and she has some comments she made about the Texas Christian football team to thank.

    During the Rose Bowl, Andrews reported from the sideline that the Horned Frogs were having trouble with their new Nike Zoom Alpha Talon cleats, slipping all over the field. She reported they did not have replacement cleats.

    A few days later, Andrews lent her face to Reebok’s ZigTech advertising campaign.

    Conflict of interest or bad timing?"

    I was watching live and heard that and remember thinking...that is an odd comment.

  2. Good point JH. ESPN is not exactly an ethical organization, and there's a lot of bad behavior by lots of the their employees cooped up in CT (just follow deadspin).
    Now, combine ESPN and the NC$$ (NCAA), and you have the most whorish corporate combo currently in existence based on twisted principles (and built upon the back of "student-athletes" i.e., free labor).
    Anyway, got to love our sports addiction - worse than crack, and ESPN and the NC$$ benefit way too much from it.

  3. That gun of hers with the sneaker is totally Photo-shopped.

    Easy on the eyes? These days, who knows what is real...?

  4. Even when Czabe is wrong, it occurs in a case where he should be right. ESPN is a BS organization - thriving on BS like the examples cited above plus nonstop Favre worship. BTW, is that peeping tom really in jail? What ever happened to him, really?

  5. I know Kim and Paris seem like minor celebs; but those gals pull down crazy NBA money. Like 20 large. Not exactly minor.

  6. Too each his own. I never have gotten all the hulabloo over Ms. Andrews.

  7. I'm with Albert. For a jock she's cute, but beyond that it's a stretch. She always looks better in pictures than she does live. She does a new TV commercial for some service and she looks very ordinary.

  8. She was a cheerleader at Florida and smiles great. Looking for her big break on Good Morning America - pushes Robin Roberts out!