Thursday, February 10, 2011

Championship City Lives!

For years, I have touted the notion of Las Vegas, serving as "Championship City" for all major American Professional Sports.

Even college, if you want.

Every Super Bowl, should be played in Vegas. Every Final Four. Every BCS Title Game.

World Series, NBA Finals, and Stanley Cup are more tricky, because they are a series. So perhaps we go 2-2 home and home and the last 3 in "Championship City!"

For one, you could build the bitchin-est stadiums ever with Vegas dollars. I'm talking over-the-top, Steve Wynn inspired, budget-be-dammed palaces of sports awesomeness.

Also, we'd never ever ever have to worry about having a week like we had in Dallas. The worst we'd endure: 50 and windy. Boo hoo.

When your team is in the Championship, and the game is in Championship City, you are going to have the biggest fucking blast of your life. All week, gamble, golf, go to shows and restaurants, and then BET ON YOUR TEAM!

No brainer, right?

Well for years, I just tossed it out there, like it was a pipe dream.

Turns out, I'm not the only one sucking on the pipe.

Behold, the first hazy rendering of a magical world that someday, maybe, with God's blessing WILL be, "Championship City."


  1. Oh my, from your lips to God's ears...

    75K seems a little small to me for the NFL 'Big Game' - but concept-wise, I think I just came about as close to having an orgasm as I could without actually having sex!

  2. Srew Vegas, Screw this idea. That is all. Move on.

  3. That would rock, but it can still get colder than 50 walking the strip! But it's Vegas baby!!!!

  4. did you read the article actually? no where even close to size stadiums needed for World Series or Superbowl

  5. but, but ... isn't there some kinda "law" prohibiting gambling lines on teams/sports in Nevada ? If I recall, there are never any "official" lines or bets taken for UNLV sports.

    I could be wrong of things have changed but I always thought that was the case.

    Obviously THAT would have to change.

  6. I was in Vegas for the Badgers/UNLV football game in September and was able to bet on that game with no problem.

  7. That would just make it much more unaffordable than it already is for the common man. Of course, yeah it'd be great for journalists but that's about it. Ho hum - next "idea".

  8. You can bet on UNLV and Nevada-Reno games in Nevada. That rule changed about 8 to 10 years ago. NHL is fine with betting. NBA, NFL and MLB are all in the dark ages about betting on the games. NFL would not be as popular without betting.
    If Las Vegas could get this these arenas built, it would be great. Go to Las Vegas for the "Big Game". It is worth it.