Friday, November 11, 2011

Craction Pool Week 10

Here's a freaky deaky stat for you kids. If you back out every spike to kill the clock, intentionally flushed pass to abort a play, and drops - Aaron Rodgers completion percentage is about 82%!


So here's your chance to win my coveted, and rare, Aaron Rodgers McFarlane action figure. If only, it had him doing the patented "Discount Double Check" move..... 

All you gotta do, is dial in the PERFECT 5-way combination!

Sign up HERE, for free, and enjoy the game!

Week 1: Shawn Brandt
Week 2: Larry Haslee/Ronnie Windsor
Week 3: Eric Hucke
Week 4: John Merrill
Week 5: John Sample
Week 6: Nate Faust
Week 7: John Heibel
Week 8: Karin McAnaney
Week 9: John Goodall

Personally, I'm going to roll with Jimmy Masterlock's Picks, this week, because he IS a staggering 19-14-2!

and throw on top of it....

Miami -4 vs. Redskins

Jimmy Sez:

Don't Think Don't Blink, Lay the Lumber PICK: GB -14 vs. Minn. Underdog PICK: Buf +6 at DAL
"Run To The Smell" PICK: SEA +7 vs. Bal
Lock of the Week PICK: NYJ -1 vs. NE

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